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Thread: List your top 5 lyrically greatest hip-hop songs

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    Default List your top 5 lyrically greatest hip-hop songs

    I posted this thread a few years ago. Mine are pretty much still the same but I'm interested if anyone has any differences since the last thread - and of course our new members.

    Nothing really changes in mine:

    1. God Bless the Dead - 2Pac

    It's still my favourite rap song. The second verse in particular demonstrates why I love this musician so much.

    2. Dead Presidents - Biggie

    Thanks to Red Pill because I didn't know this song until I put up this last thread. It's amazing.

    3. Holler If Ya Hear Me - 2Pac

    "I guess what just cause I'm black born, I'm supposed to sing songs and get capped on!" - in the space of 3 seconds?

    4. I used to love H.E.R - Common

    I love this man.

    5. Plant A Seed - Lost Boyz

    Well, I suppose it's not the most lyrically blessed song but it's great. Much like 'Mind's playin' tricks on me'" or "Paparazi' from Xzibit. Love it all the same.

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    Anaconda - Nicki Minaj

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