Ranks Explained

Fattest Chocobo - Owner
Chubby Chocobo - Leaders (decision-makers)
Green Chocobo - Gardener/Inviter
Fatter Chocobo - Inviter
Fat Chocobo - Member
Chocobo - Newbie (generally where we leave people we don't know until we get to know them)
Forever Chocobo - Ceridwen, who sadly passed away
AFK Chocobo - People who are afk for a long period are put into this group.
Chocobutts - Where people get put when they're very naughty (eg. saying Roegadyn suck or something dumb like that)

Expectations / Rules

Feed more than just your own chocobo. If you are using the krakka from the FC chest to feed your chocobo, don't take too much. Personally I take no more than 33 at a time.

Don't take too much stuff from the FC Chest. If you are using anything else from item box #3 of the FC Chest (eg. glamour prisms, mission ceruleum, stable brooms, chocobo colouring food, retainer fantasia) please take ONLY what you need and never more than that.

Never take an item from the FC Chest just to sell it. Ever. The only people who should do this are leaders, and the profit of any such sales will be put into the FC Chest. Loony BoB in particular has one retainer he has 100% put aside for FC Chest profit (retainer name is Seventeen, in case you're wondering) when things stack up.

Treat each other kindly. Respect each other. Some people might have different beliefs than you. Some people might not like crafting, some people might not like battling. That doesn't make either person right. Everyone will play differently and live differently, and it's important we embrace what makes us different as well as what brings us together.

Chat respectfully. While the odd bit of swearing and banter is okay, doing it too often can lead to people being put off the FC chat, and that's no good. Try to keep it relatively clean, keeping in mind there are a lot of people who don't know you that are reading the channel. Likewise, if you are chatting constantly, try to make an effort to leave space for others to have conversations as well.

Perks of being a Fat Chocobo!

If you need something crafted, ask Loony BoB. In many cases he will craft gear free of charge and will provide all mats himself. This is notably the case for DoL gear, and sometimes the case for DoH gear or glamour gear. He might say no, but if you don't ask, you don't get. Also, there are a lot of other crafters in the FC that can often help.

If you want to feed the chocobos (please feed all chocobos if you do), use the krakka root from item box #3. Take enough to feed all the chocobos, but no more than 33 at a time. Stabling your chocobo will mean people will feed it until it reaches it's level cap.

If you want to colour your chocobo, use the food from item box #3.

Everything in item box #2 is available for the taking. The only reason this box is here is for people to dump stuff and take stuff. I encourage you to do so responsibly. Furniture and food in particular tend to stack up a lot on this page and I really don't mind if you want to empty a lot of this stuff out - provided you aren't just taking stuff to sell it.

Thavnarian Onions! If you need a Thavnarian Onion to level your chocobo, ask one of the leaders. They can get one out of item box #1 for you.

If you have any particular requests for gardeners, please just ask in the Facebook group and one of the people managing gardening will try their best to get stuff done for you. The reason we don't have many gardeners is to avoid any real confusion and to allow for more long-term planning. "Too many chefs spoil the broth." However, not having access to gardening doesn't mean you can't make requests, and the gardeners tend to meet them even if it takes a little time.

If you need materia, ask Loony BoB. He has a large stash of them thanks to the airship voyages. Please note that Crafter/Gatherer materia is reserved for people who have all of the relevant jobs at 60.

If you want a Company Tabard/Escutcheon/Hat, Loony BoB can craft one for you at no cost to yourself. At the time of making this post, we have enough Dusk Leather to cover a lot of these.

If you want to organise a Diadem run using the airships, please contact any of the inviters/leaders, as they all have the permission to do this. This is on a trial period at the moment while we try to establish whether or not we should open this up to more/less people.

Our FC House has all the facilities you might need: All 8 Crafting Workstations, Chocobo Stables, Toy Box, Armoire, FC Chest, Summoning Bell. Still working on getting a toilet. We also have under restricted access (but for the benefit of the FC)... 4x L50 Airships, 3x Gardens, 1x Level 4 Aetherial Wheel Stand.

You've got a great group of people to chat with and party up with, too, so if you ever need help with a clear or anything like that, just ask in the FC chat and if it isn't the response you need to get the clear, then ask on the Facebook page. Sometimes we organise Extreme clears where we help get as many people through trials as possible, stuff like that. Other things we occasionally do include hide & seek, chocobo racing, screenshot parties and crystal tower alliance clears (if we get enough people on at once).

Things we love you for

Helping each other. Craft for each other, gather for each other, battle to help each other get clears or even just to have fun.

Chat! We love chatty people. We are a very social FC. Even the little things help - if you see someone log in, why not welcome them?

Tending/Fertilizing the plants. Seriously, this is MASSIVELY helpful, and not too many people do it. Help our plants grow. This is how we get Krakka, Thavnarian Onions, etc.

Grade 3 Soil. Especially Grade 3 Thanalan/Shroud Soil. This is one of those things we sometimes run out of. Please donate any you have into Item Box #1 if you're feeling generous.

Similarly, if you want to donate seeds, please donate them into item box #1. If there is already a full stack of those seeds, don't bother donating! The same can be said for Dark Matter Clusters.

Feeding everyone's chocobo. If they're level capped, send them a Mogmail.

Special furniture crafting items. I'm talking the Syrcus Shard, Burning Auricle, stuff like that. If you won it in a dungeon/raid, and want to donate it to the FC so we can have a fancy bit of furniture, put it into Item Box #1 and tell any leaders you see online. If it's decided we don't want the furniture we'll send it back to you ASAP, and if we do decide to put the furniture into the house, hooray!

Loony BoB always welcomes a donation of Cordial and/or Grade 6 Dark Matter because of how much he goes through that kind of thing when gathering/crafting for the FC. He'll often take random mats you don't want, too.

Things we won't love you for but what the hell

Gil. If we ever need gil we'll ask on the Facebook page. I encourage you to keep any gil you are thinking of donating until then. We don't "give back" gil, nor do we spend it on any kind of personal use. It is quite literally for the FC only.

Shards, crystals and clusters. Those who don't need them can donate them into the FC Chest. Right now only leaders can remove this spare stock, but if you run out of your own shards/crystals/clusters and ask nicely then maybe you'll get some passed on to you to help you get back on your feet.

Dye. Cheap furniture. Cheap food. Cheap fish. Cheap ingredients. These are things we see so much of in our FC Item Box #2! This isn't to discourage you from putting more in - but more to encourage you to take it. We don't need it and that item box fills up fast! So long as you don't take it to sell it, I don't mind you taking it to put in your room, desynth, use, hell I don't mind it if you take a stack of Mandrake and put it on your retainer and never do anything with it ever again. Just don't sell it. But yeah, if it's in item box #2, it's fair game. Just don't leave it completely empty.

Useful Links

Fat Chocobos
Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/559690264082203/ - If you join this group, make a post letting us know your in-game name!
Who's Who: http://goo.gl/7j3wEg - This gets updated every few months or so. Sometimes longer. It's handy!
Discord: Discord - https://discord.gg/bVR7Ddu
TeamSpeak: http://goo.gl/YJD3op - Server and password info as well as how to install it on Windows. Pretty much never used these days though...
Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/fat_chocobos - Not used too often but a good way for people to watch others get hit by Landslide on Titan.

Hunts Guide: http://goo.gl/HThIIp - also by yours truly, for a simple guide to hunts.
Hunt Tracker: http://ffxiv.ariyala.com/HuntTracker/Sargatanas
Official XIV Forums: http://forum.square-enix.com/ffxiv/forum.php - so many trolls, so many tears.
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/ffxiv/
GamerEscape Wiki: http://ffxiv.gamerescape.com/wiki/ - Because wikis are pretty awesome.
ConsoleGames Wiki: http://ffxiv.consolegameswiki.com/wiki/ - See above.
XIV Database: http://xivdb.com/ - Great for finding information on items and what they're good for. Useful comments below each item.
Triple Triad Info: http://ffxivtriad.com - Excellent site for anyone who is interested in Triple Triad. Be sure to set up a profile.
Fishing Site: http://en.ff14angler.com/fish/ - The must-have link for any respectable fisher.
Gardening Site: http://www.ffxivgardening.com - If you're super-keen on becoming a gardener, you'll need to research the guides on this site thoroughly.
Gears & Melds Site: http://ffxiv.ariyala.com - Great for trying to guage what your stats will look like if/when you gear up and meld.
Gathering Alarm Site: http://ffxivclock.com/ - If you're not good at keeping an eye on what time it is in Eorzea, set up alerts on this site.
Triple Triad Tracker: http://ffxivtriad.com/ - For tracking Triple Triad cards you have and/or need.
Mount/Minion Tracker #1: https://apkallufalls.com/#/ - For tracking minions and/or mounts you have and/or need.
Mount Minion Tracker #2: https://minionguide.com/ - For tracking minions and/or mounts you have and/or need.
DoL Collectables Guide: http://goo.gl/oR1Z8Z - by yours truly, for when you need a high level collectable. Probably in great need of updating though.

Questions & Suggestions

If you have any ideas or questions, just post them in a comment on the Facebook group!