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Thread: Rank the Job Classes FFXI Edition

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    Chocobo Rank the Job Classes FFXI Edition

    22 Classes have been made available through the games long run so how would you rank them EoFF? Best to worst and why dammit!

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    1. Blue Mage - Can literally do anything. Maybe not the best class in any one area, but it's like Top 5 in every single area except raw melee damage since FFXI has a bazillion DD jobs. Also I am biased. BLU 4 LYFE

    2. Red Mage - I love BLU, but RDM is the best solo class and best support class and probably rips anyone else to shreds in PvP. Most objectives are significantly more likely to succeed with a RDM in the group.

    3. Bard - A party with 5 people and a BRD is like having 8 people and no BRD. It makes everyone realize their full potential.

    4. Black Mage - Making things go boom is generally more efficient than hitting it with weapons. And a skilled party of BLMs can nuke through most everything without needing support.

    5. Paladin - There are many ways to achieve goals in FFXI that don't require a tank, but it takes a lot of skill and it's just so much less stressful when you have a good PLD absorbing all the hate.

    6-7. White Mage/Scholar - I feel like WHM and SCH are tied. Both have advantages. WHM is the best healer but can't do much else. SCH is second best healer but can do other things. You need HP to live so healers are important.

    8. Corsair - Maybe this goes with BRD and should be higher but it seems less used than BRD. I rank it lower since the reliance on luck to some degree impacts the predictability of its usefulness. However, it's the same idea as BRD where it makes everyone in the group better than if you had some other job in the party.

    9-19. All the DD jobs. Maybe SMN and BST are closer to the top because they have solo capabilities and SMN can support too. And NIN too because it can tank. And DRG and PUP near the bottom because LOLDRG LOLPUP.

    20. Dancer - It's not a bad job, just not as good as the others. And their armor looks dumb.

    I can't rate Geomancer or Rune Fencer since I never played with them.

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