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Thread: Rank the Classes FFTA Edition.

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    Moogle Rank the Classes FFTA Edition.

    To make this somewhat easier, we'll count classes from both TA titles (if you wish) and separate it by race so rank classes within the individual races selection instead of overall since there is quite a bit of overlap and race ability does change ranking. So rank the Hume classes and then Viera, and then so forth. I know you can do it!

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    I'll just give my top classes for each race, if you don't mind Also, this is FFTA only, as my wife is playing it now, so I'm kinda more in the know.

    Hume: Blue Mage. Great stats, super versatile move pool. Takes effort, but is incredibly rewarding.

    Viera: The Assassin is probably the most broken class in the game, with access to dual wielding akatanas and greatbows. And she has some pretty devastating skills too.

    Nu Mou: Morpher for similar reasons as the Blue Mage. If you put effort into it, this class is just brutal in every way. If I were to choose a favorite magic class though, which would be more appropriate, then Alchemist. I like the free item slot and he's faster than the Sage.

    Moogle: Gunner. Dat range.

    Bangaa: The Gladiator is just pure power. Love it.

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