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Thread: Best Ff xii songs

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    Default Best Ff xii songs

    Its about time i continue this series. Even if its been almos a year.So yeah. Whats your favourite ff XII songs?Mine include: Speechless fight, imperial army, and one of the coolest final boss themes in all of the FF games. Battle for freedom. I love the transition from cutscene to battle music.
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    kinda wasted on a normal field area, though
    everything is wrapped in gray
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    Compared to other OSTs, there isn't really a standout track. Other OSTs like XIII and VII had obvious tracks that stick in my head. Blinded by Light, Nascent Requiem, and VII tracks that include Judgement Day.

    FFXII? I love the game, but the OST is... meh. Nothing jumps out I'm afraid.

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    While most fans seem to dislike her, Penelo has easily the most memorable character theme.

    It's a shame this track only really played once.

    This also a pretty imposing theme.

    Again, some of the best racks are associated with Penelo.

    This is a pretty tragic track when put into context.

    I love the haunting piano piece in this track.

    I really wish XII had more choral tracks like this one.

    The build-up for this track is amazing.

    Great boss theme and there are those choral tracks I love.

    This track almost feels out of place if it wasn't for some leitmotif elements that tie it back to the game.

    This is a gorgeous track with great piano and choir elements.

    Sakimoto's quiet pieces are always so underrated.. The wind instrument elements of this track almost gives it a Chrono vibe.

    Sad this only plays once if I remember correctly.

    A sweeping if melancholic melody with a fitting title.

    Complimenting the last track.

    Ashe's Theme is interesting as I didn't care for it initially until something was pointed out to me about it. The fact it sounds more like a villains theme than a heroes theme with tones of the imperial march in it but still that soft melody line in it. So her theme really does fit the burden place on her. After that, I really began to enjoy this piece so much more because it really does fit her character. It's also the most complicated character theme in the series with serious change-ups unlike the series usual tendency to keep them simple and memorable.

    While I'm sure most people shudder when they hear this theme because its attached to a rather... long-winded dungeon, it just fits so well.

    One of the best Final Boss themes to come out of Square since One Winged Angel.

    Not a track a lot of people have heard. Probably because it may have been soundtrack only.

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