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Thread: Crow taste surprisingly a lot like gatorade

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fynn View Post
    I can imagine it's frustrating when you spend time upgrading your weapon, throw out the new ones you find because you've already invested so much time and materials in the last one, but then suddenly, for no forseeable reason, the weapon just stops gaining exp.

    Yeah, no, I don't find it enjoyable or well-executed at all, sorry
    Not to mention:

    The game's rating system (which is stupid in itself) actively PUNISHES you for upgrading weapons.

    Which explains why I never upgraded a thing.

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    If we're talking easy FF games, I thought VI was the easiest next to VIII.

    Anyway, FFXIII is a...good game? I have a hard time expressing my feelings on it. I have parts of it I really like and parts of it I really hate. It's like, if the gameplay opened up earlier, I'd love it. If I could have a full party + the first half of the game's character development and interactions, that be perfect. But it only gives you your full party when the story falls apart.

    I think....between the two of them...XIII is a better game? Maybe? Better story certainly. More consistency and less horrific mood whiplash. Nowhere near as fun as XIII-2, though. It also lacks Caius.
    I would rather play XIII-2 is the best I got.

    Also Pulse sucks. It is known.

    So yeah, my feelings on the game are conflicted.

    Which sums up XIII-2, as well. Although in that case, it's mostly my own fault for trying to 100% it. I was a fool! A DAMNED FOOL WITH DREAMS. Why didn't I just play the main story. The game would have been 200% better. Just make it more difficult and it be perfect.

    Oh yeah, XIII-2 is an easier game. Paradigms matter much more in XIII while you can brute force almost anything in XIII-2.

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