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Thread: 2016 Goals and Resolutions!

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    It's getting toward the end of the year! So here's our bumping of last years resolutions. You may not have new ones just yet but how did you do this year?

    Fun Goals:

    • Play all the main FFs this coming year. - Did not happen. HA that is wayy too much of a time consuming thing for me, why'd I try that.
    • Read a book a month - Yes I did manage this! I attempted to do one a week but that fell apart but I did get one at least a month!
    • Art once a month - Nope, this didn't happen for me. Too busy. I started off strong but it fell apart fairly early on.

    Personal goals:

    • More adventures! - Oh boy did I ever. Lots of trips this year!
    • Start learning piano - Still don't have one of those so nope.
    • Be able to do that 10k in April! - I didn't do a 10k but I did do a 5k! So close enough!

    EoFF Goals:

    • Make sure we have an article posted EVERY DAY in 2016 - we started off VERY strong and lasted to about April but then we all got super busy and that fell through but that was a pretty long time getting one out a day!
    • Make more threads. I don't make enough. With my FF playing, this should be easy! - I did make a decent amount of threads this year. So this is a kinda!
    • Get hyped for XV haha - Kinda. I just can't afford it. I am working on another interview with Ray chase for my other Site/project? So that's really awesome. I could have gotten more hyped here. Sorry EoFF, I wasn't hyped enough

    How'd everyone else do?

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    -Lose 30 lbs by November. Will take some motivation but is far from impossible

    Not quite, but did start going to the gym. Small steps

    -Complete my spring semester courses with at least a 90% average. Learn things from each course that will help me in my professional life

    Indeed! Looks like my fall semester might also amount to this, but I haven't done exams yet

    -Make plans with someone from school during the spring semester. Try to make at least one friend

    Made plans during the fall semester but didn't make a good friend

    -Decide if I'm going to go to Anderson University for a Bachelor's in Human Services once I finish my Associate's, or if I'll go to Clemson University for Social Work. Find the prerequisite courses for whichever I chose so I don't take any unnecessary courses, or fail to take any necessary one

    Did make plans, but actually went a different direction and will be going to Southern Wesleyan for Human Services. Plotted out my entire course schedule

    -After my birthday, get financial aid hopefully set up for next fall term. I'll no longer be on my mothers much higher tax bracket so hopefully I will qualify for more aid with school


    -Get paperwork finished for Safe Harbor and complete training

    Naw, had enough on m plate. Will try to volunteer more when my car works

    -Attend as many volunteer meetings as I can


    -Find a new Church before next Christmas


    -Join the 24 hour gym


    -Get my mother to visit

    lol no

    -Go to the jazz club

    Nooo as if I forgot for this long

    Overall pretty good!

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    Play all the available Dragon Quest games - I guess? Technically, DQVIII is available on PS2, but I wanna wait for the 3DS version, and while I have DQIX, I wanna play them in order, so I guess I played all those that are available in order so far
    Get a Wii U and a PS4 for a complete gaming experience - Nope! Still, might get a PS4 for Christmas, but it'd stilll kinda take a miracle
    Get into FFXIV - Kind of? Played for a bit but dropped it. Might come back one day
    Play Type-0 and Lightning Returns - "played" Type-0 for a couple of minutes, really. Didn't even touch LR. Don't even have it, honestly.
    Read tons of books - maybe not tons, but more than before! Got through the whole Witcher saga, read A Prayer for Owen Meany, actually started Agatha's Christie's works, and overall, I've read quite a bit!


    Finish the first draft of one of my novels, send it to my faithful betas, revise it, and attempt to publish traditionally (I say attempt even though I'll keep doing that until I succeed, there's just no way it'll get published in 2016)
    - nah, but at least I made progress!
    Finish revising my thesis by the end of January - wasn't by the end of January, but I've revised it twice more over the year
    Collect enough money to get mortgage - not yet
    Maybe even start looking for more freelance job offers in gaming journalism? - nope
    Get wife preggers - nope

    EoFF goals:
    Be nicer to people - I guess?
    Write more articles - pretty much the same
    Help organize more fun events - I actually helped out a lot to make FF Talks a success!
    Win all the Best Writer Ciddies - won the Summer one, at least!

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    -Get married (or more specifically, plan what is left to be done for my wedding in a timely manner)
    And I hated every minute of it! The planning, that is. The actual wedding and reception were lovely. Except pictures. Pictures sucked.

    -Get a yellow belt in Krav Maga
    Ahahahaha, I quite Krav Maga like a week later. So no.

    -Read 200 books
    If you count all of the manga I read, I read about 90 books as of right now (might get a couple more before the end of the year). If you don't count the manga, I read about 50 books.

    -Finish all Star Trek
    I think I watched like one episode of TNG this year.

    -Walk 2000 miles throughout the year (I'll be tracking this with my fitbit)

    -Continue to grow and better myself as a person
    I've actually made some significant changes over the last few months, got on some meds...other people might not see it, but that doesn't mean it hasn't happened.

    tl;dr ahahah i'm a failure

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    The new yard looks great.

    Proud to be the Unofficial Secret Illegal Enforcer of Eyes on Final Fantasy!
    When I grow up, I want to go to Bovine Trump University! - Ralph Wiggum

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    None of them.

    <PaperStar> live fast, die young, bad plefs do it well

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    My New Years resolution this year is:

    To be more kind to all
    To listen to others ideas with an open mind to learn and grow.
    To get past disk one on FFVII

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    1. Read more - I think last year I only read about 7 or 8 books which is very few really. I'd like to delve into different genres.
    I didn't read more per se, but I definitely read in spurts tbh so I would go through 2-3 books a fortnight then stop for months! I could bring this over into 2017, for sure.

    2. Be nicer to myself and to others - I think I should stop being so much of a twat.
    It was touch and go on that one Fury, but I think you've finally got to a happy place with yourself and others.
    I've definitely made a big improvement. I've reached out to people I may have hurt and tried to mend, I've definitely become a lot more humble and I feel so..... clean because of it. I'm so proud of my emotional journey this year. It's been hard because I sometimes think other people don't see it or be my little cheerleader.... but I've done this. I feel better.

    3. Write more/Create more.
    I don't know if I've written more. I think I've written less, but been creative in other mediums. I've drawn a lot this year, baked a hell of a lot of amazing cakes and created recipes. I've even taken an interest in crafting which I hope I will see through into 2017.

    2016 was a difficult as SMURF year for me in so many ways, but looking back I can kind of appreciate the journey and see the changes in myself.

    SIDENOTE - I actually ran the Heroes and Villains event which was a goal for 2015... BUT I DID IT! (It may have ran out of steam but I'm still so proud of that bad boy)

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    Well, for one, making this trip to Europe happen is priority number one. So far so good, but I'm used to big plans failing.
    Of course we did the thing!

    Not being nominated for best artist is a clear sign that I'm not drawing enough lately so at the very least I'm gonna finally get to some requests and finish my FF ix characters series.

    Not even close

    I'm gonna work on building up more clientele at work. I want more days where I have nothing but request clients. I'm also going to add another appointment slot every day.

    Eh, somewhat. I have more clients but as for more dogs per day.... Well that's harder to do when you get all the giant floofs that no one wants. I ain't even mad though, <3 my giant doggo floofs

    Languages too! I'm gonna get back on track with at least learning German before I go to Germany!

    Failed this too pretty horribly. I probably know less German now.

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    I didn't move out my mom's house, but I finally got a new job today that I'll start at the tail end of this year. I just barely made it. I feel so relieved and happy now. I thought I was going to be stuck here forever.

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    I didn't post it here, but I accomplished all my goals. Then I even accomplished some more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Carnelian View Post
    1) Find full-time employment for when I've finished this year of University.

    2) Decide on which 2017-2018 Masters program to do.

    3) Gain some upper-body strength.

    4) Keep on being TOTALLY AWESOME!

    5) Work on total lack of humility.
    1) I'm doing a paid internship at the moment, but that finishes at the end of January. I'm currently applying for a full-time job to do from then till next September. Speaking of which...

    2) I picked a Masters program! Eighteenth-Century Studies at the University of Southampton, here I come!

    3) Not a lot, but I actually have! I can carry Formy from the lounge down the hall to the bedroom now.

    4) I am still pretty awesome, can't lie.

    5) I am literally the most humble person ever now, so that's another epic win for the karma karma karma karma karma Carnelian.

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