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Thread: Second Chance

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crop View Post

    The biggest issues I have with it are the villains (main villain should have been Doctor Cid, not Vayne)

    Vayne was like a dull version of Seymour and Doc Cid had all of the character and charm and had a Kefka like feel, almost. Basically, bonkers & he loves it.

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    Just started giving this game a third chance myself. About a year ago I played an hour and a half and it didn't do it for me. But otherwise the only real chance I gave it was on release. And I thought I put a good amount into it before getting sick of Vaan

    I was very wrong because I don't remember anything past the I'm Captain Basch post. Which for this play through was like seven hours in

    And holy crap I didn't think my opinion a game could change so drastically. This game really didn't get a fair chance. I thought the last good Final Fantasy was VII. And I was wrong

    So apparently the Captain Basch part completely ruined the game for me originally and made me see Vaan as Tidus in the laughing scene. He's not nearly as intolerable this playthrough. I had heard he's pretty forgettable once you get a full crew, so I wanted to get to that point and see how I could enjoy the game by pretending her doesn't exist. But now it doesn't even matter. He's not the best character buy I don't hate him at all anymore. I don't dislike anyone in this game. Other than Penelo's ridiculous club feet not much of bothering me.

    I also originally gave it crap for trying to be Star Wars. And the biggest comparison was to the prequel trilogy. Which itself is not a good association. But by comparison this game did Star Wars better than Star Wars was doing it at the time.

    I also originally hated the MMO combat system. But these days you have Dragon Age, Dragons Dogma, Xenoblade, and others with active and low party control combat systems. And you always have the option to take over. Plus you set up your own conditions and feel like a parent or teacher and get to see if what you taught is gonna work and refine it as you go

    I also used to feel this game and Nine were very pastel. Light and bland. Colors, music, personalities. But the plot of not pastel. And neither are the personalities

    It's good to enjoy a high quality over looked JRPG from a golden age. And there's my peace on the subject

    Edit: I'm not going to bother hunting all the typos in this post. Typed out on my phone with swipe while lying in bed and the girlfriend rolling around next to me instantly shaking the bed in perpetual restlessness. Honestly surprised it came out that well. But apologies to those who read it lol

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    I enjoyed this one too, but hated how you moved in the map. It would frustrate me to no end.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raistlin View Post
    Yeah, it's like they're real people who don't automatically fall in love with strangers they happen to tag along with. For people who prefer the completely fantastical tropes of typical fantasy RPGs, I (like Fynn) can see how FFXII might not be your bag (and there's nothing wrong with that; Lunar SSSC is about as cliche as you can get, and I love it to death). But I enjoyed and appreciated all the ways FFXII was different.
    I enjoyed the difference, while pining for some more interaction. You don't have to love your travelling companions to talk to them more. I suppose it only felt more jarring because you go through long stretches without any interaction or cutscenes.

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