So I've been on a bit of a Zelda kick lately due to my coworker wanting me to play Wind Waker. That is not going to happen sadly but it got me to go into my backlog and start working on some Zelda titles I'm behind on. So I'm actually playing through Link's Awakening and Majora's Mask for the first time, and I'm doing a serious run to actually beat Zelda II instead of just fiddling with it for ten minutes and rage quitting.

I'm like three instruments down in Link's Awakening and working on getting into the fourth dungeon. I beat the first palace in Zelda II and was quickly murdered in the next area of the game but I at least got the High Jump spell. I'm finally in the game proper in Majora's Mask but I'm kind of just playing Groundhog's Day with Termina at the moment instead of actually dungeon crawling as I'm trying to figure out people's schedules and get a better understanding of what I actually need to do to finish some of these sidequests. So far, it has been kind of interesting playing three of the more unconventional Zelda titles. Any advice is appreciative (no spoilers please) since I'm tackling these games without a guide.

Also use this thread to discuss the series and what you like about it and other thoughts on the franchise.