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Thread: Do you like Yuna as a character?

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    This actually depends a lot on whether we speak of the Japanese or American Yuna, because they seem very different.

    Japanese Yuna is much more childlike and "giggly" than the American Yuna, who appears more mature and burdened.
    For example, in the Japanese version Yuna's first line about becoming a summoner has a tone more like a cheerful "I have done it! I succeeded at becoming a summoner!", which is very different from her more careful and modest way of speech in the American version.

    For comparison, here is the scene of her ending speech in the Japanese version, which alone will probably give you an idea of how different she appears to be as a character in that version:

    Either way, in both versions she seems like a kind and caring character, which is of course a very good reason to like someone.
    It is also clear the she is burdened and thoughtful in the Japanese version as well, although she seems to try to fight that off by being extra cheerful whenever she can.
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    I could never stand her

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