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Thread: Do you like Yuna as a character?

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    This actually depends a lot on whether we speak of the Japanese or American Yuna, because they seem very different.

    Japanese Yuna is much more childlike and "giggly" than the American Yuna, who appears more mature and burdened.
    For example, in the Japanese version Yuna's first line about becoming a summoner has a tone more like a cheerful "I have done it! I succeeded at becoming a summoner!", which is very different from her more careful and modest way of speech in the American version.

    For comparison, here is the scene of her ending speech in the Japanese version, which alone will probably give you an idea of how different she appears to be as a character in that version:

    Either way, in both versions she seems like a kind and caring character, which is of course a very good reason to like someone.
    It is also clear the she is burdened and thoughtful in the Japanese version as well, although she seems to try to fight that off by being extra cheerful whenever she can.
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    I could never stand her

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    Surprisingly I do; I find her design visually appealing in both X and X-2. It also helps that she was actually useful in battles and wasn't your typical naive healer that needed everyone else to protect them. She was mature and dignified, which is more than I can say about your typical anime healer character. Though I do tend to treat X and X-2 Yuna as two separate characters, mostly because I have trouble seeing how she goes from solemn and dignified Yuna to carefree and flashy Yuna with little to no explanation given, especially after having lost Tidus. Rikku's transformation made sense for her, Yuna's...not so much. While I don't necessarily think X-2 was bad it was kind of "meh" overall and I can definitely see why people didn't like it as it was pretty different from the original in almost every way.

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    Kind of hard for me to say, because I think the awkward voice acting ruined the possibility of me liking her. She has character traits that are likeable, but I can't separate her from that ridiculously unnatural pace of talking. I don't blame the voice actor either. It was the direction in this case and it was bad. If they wanted to try to lengthen the American voice acting to try to fit the character animation, they should have written more dialogue. Having her speak at a god awful unnaturally slow stilted pace had to be the worst decision possible. Yes, even worse than having the character model awkwardly speaking for several seconds after the dialogue is complete.

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    I have a lot of problems with the characters in FFX in general, as most come off more as ideas the writers wanted to push than actual people, and Yuna is especially bad about this, effectively coming off as some kind selfless super saint the writers forgot was somehow supposed to have survived into adulthood. Instead of any kind of appreciable female lead we effectively end up with quite possibly the least intelligent character in the series, one who makes literally no choice an intoxicated grade schooler wouldn't have made better, and in the name shielding her friends from danger she, in her complete lack of even remote foresight or cognitive reasoning, drags them into it. She's the kind of person who would drink poisonous Kool-Aid so no one else could instead of dumping it on the floor; she'd throw herself on an exposed landmine instead of telling people to walk around it; she'd jump into a pit to save someone instead of throwing them a rope. I cannot stand her.

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