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Thread: Search Engine fails/wins

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    Default Search Engine fails/wins

    So I'm working on a website to sell products on for our little business.

    Because of that I'm looking up some vendors to make us products/supply products. One thing I was looking up was silicone radiator hose suppliers.

    One of the search engine results off to the side was, "Dildos shipped discretely". In a long list of automotive whole-sellers and product makers.

    Now, as much as I can see how that's a pretty marketable service to offer, I'm lost as to how searching for radiator hose manufacturers for cars would give that as a results.

    What are some of your best, randomly added search results?

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    This isn't mine, and it's not exactly the same thing, but Night Fury keeps getting the same pregancy test adverts at the beginning of her YouTube clips. I find it hilarious because those things are meant to be targeted adverts to some degree and she says she never looks up anything to do with pregnancy or babies.

    My old band's name used to get some dodgy results as well. We were called Bad Shannon and if you looked hard enough or went on image search there'd usually be a "Bad Shannon gets a well deserved spanking" or something to that effect.

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