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I liked Vivienne. She's cold and ruthless but her personal quest was interesting. I thought she was poisoning that man as well but she was trying to save him. She sincerely loved him, which is also confirmed in the fact she turns down your flirting and none-to-subtle offers flat.
Maybe I should have clarified. As a character, I find Vivienne utterly interesting, and her perspectives (no matter how jarring they are) are good to listen to. That, and her humour can be funny, even if she punches down almost all the time with it.

But as a human, I find her despicable. I'm all for pithy putdowns when appropriate, but they're her bread and butter. Practically the only characters who tolerate her in the party is Varric and Cassandra, and if anything, Varric know she's awful but manages to stay on her good side, mostly. Funnily enough, I always end up being great friends with her.

No, the only DA companion I hate is Sebastian. Everything about his character pisses me off, to the extent I wrote a long post about why I absolutely hate him. This hatred was not helped any by his attacking Kirkwall pointlessly.
Ah, yes, Sebastian. I liked him until Act Three. He was decent, if almost too pious. Varric's opinion of him sums it up really.

Even with these people, I always seek out the best possible outcome for them. Mainly because choosing the hurtful options in dialogue seems too much for me.