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Thread: Criticise the game you're playing right now!

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    Disagree. SH3 is hands down my favourite.

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    A lot of people have that opinion. But, idk, it never grabbed me that much. The story is interesting and it has my favorite cast, but I also felt it was the least scary and the themes just weren't that strong. It really can't hold a candle to 2 and I enjoyed 4 much more, even though I know a lot of people disliked that game.

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    Resident Evil 2 is an amazing game with a fun, campy plot, but it suffers from what I call Ocarina of Time syndrome where subsequent playthroughs don't really feel engaging or enrich the experience.
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    Had to take a few months off from Persona 5. Finally getting back in and thoroughly enjoying it. But what turned me off very early was dying deep into a palace or in mementos without reaching a save or boss room. And I can take no credit for the deaths since I wasn't pushing myself too hard. I died at nearly full health every time. And by every time I mean not once, not twice, not THREE TIMES. But FOUR FREAKING TIMES I was hit with either my weakness or, more frequently, Lucky Punch followed by a normal critical. Finding a persona strong to physical or having no weaknesses is not easily going to happen early on. And dying in a boss fight is fine since you get to retry. These were mostly normal enemies or minibosses. So I'd lose a couple hours of progress, which is especially disheartening after the fourth time. And I don't get a lot of consecutive free days from work. So to have wasted a couple hours of my time is a precious loss of time on my only day off. So the game had to wait until now, when I had a few days off and it wouldn't hurt as much. Great game. Rough start

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    For as much as I'm enjoying Wayfarer of Time, the combat in this game, particularly the magic, could have used a bit more forethought from the developers. Each spell has an unskippable 6 - 15ish second casting animation that pauses everything while it is going off, which makes what should be quick encounters sometimes excruciatingly long, especially with the AIs apparent ability to quick cast things like heal. This has bumped up at least one mission I was in to around the ten minute mark when it should have been less than four, and that is absolutely not something I want in a portable title. I mean, it isn't something I want in ANY title, but especially not in a portable one.

    The game also has a problem with some important information, most notably AP gain, not being relayed to the player at all, so I have absolutely no idea how effective any enemies are for learning skills. Hell, I didn't even know I was gaining AP for a while because of this, which was especially confusing when I started gaining skill levels for no apparent reason. It was even worse when I started trying to figure out how I was learning these skills, because not only was I learning abilities from invisible AP, but because only the character that kills a monster gets AP (another thing I don't recall being explained), the whole thing was wildly inconsistent and damn near impossible to pin down; it wasn't until my character was alone and I started gaining tons of skills that I finally figured out what was going on.

    Actually, on that subject, limiting AP gains to killing blows is another problem on its own: skills are powerful and, because you can stack crystals, can be learned quickly by focusing kill xp, so the game is balanced around that, but it makes training new characters an absolute chore. I got this dual wielding noblewoman in my party, but I haven't even bothered teaching her anything yet because of how long the process takes. The same is true of weapons as well, because they gain better slot levels as you use them, but it takes time to pump them up. Ugh. At least it isn't the Item World again, I suppose. . _.

    Outside of combat related stuff, I have no idea what my familiar actually does, other than getting shot, or if I should care about leveling her, so . . . she's just a thing that I have for now. A very polite thing, mind you, due to the nothing but constant etiquette training I've been giving her, but a just a thing all the same. I really wish the game had more information about her and what exactly she does, because I'm probably missing out on something important there.

    OH, and the game has that movement thing where you walk into a wall and it tries to move you up or down going on, which is damn near my biggest pet peeve in all of gaming. Yeah. I seriously spent about 15 seconds trying to get into a desk at one point, and I can just imagine how that must have looked to everyone else in the classroom waiting for my ass to finally sit down. Probably the reason they locked me up. . _.
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    Dropped KOTOR 1 after 4 hours. Where do I even begin? The combat is quite possibly the worst I've ever seen in a RPG, anyone who complains about turn-based JRPG combat being "boring" should be forced to play this game so they know the true meaning of the word, it's not like it requires any strategy or skill either. The level progression makes absolutely no sense, as you level up you can level both skills and feats but you can't level feats until after you level skills regardless of whether or not you actually want waste points levelling up skills you don't want or need, and if you change your mind (i.e you just found out you don't have enough points for the skills you need) that's too bad since you can't exit the levelling screen until you've levelled at least one skill and feat. The UI and menu design is just hideous and tedious to navigate through. And last but not least, the ridiculous amount of bugs and glitches this game has out the ass. I'm not kidding when I say you have a 50% chance of the game glitching out after every fight, resulting in you being unable to move, and this isn't just a one-off thing either but it happens time and time again even after reloading a save/checkpoint, which I spent most of my playing time doing. And there are times when you would just outright fail to perform an action for no reason. Or dialogue in a cutscene failing to load properly (did I mention how amateurish this game's cutscene presentation is? Because it looks worse than most 90s RPGs I've seen). I'd probably have much more to complain about had I kept playing, but I'd much rather spend my time playing a better game instead. Greatest Star Wars game my ass, Jedi Outcast and Republic Commando came out around the same time and are lightyears ahead of this overrated buggy piece of trout.

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