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Thread: Praise the game you're playing right now!

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    Dragon Age 2 is no joke one of the boldest RPGs ever made in terms of concept and story. Also it's fun. Everyone else can bite me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pike View Post
    Dragon Age 2 is no joke one of the boldest RPGs ever made in terms of concept and story. Also it's fun. Everyone else can bite me
    I've said it before but I won't stop; whoever decided I can't side with the Arishok is the one who can bite me.

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    I've had Growlanser:Wayfarer of Time on my PSP for ages and finally decided to give it a try; it's been an enjoyable experience so far.

    Combat is an interesting ATB-based tactics system that I'm digging so far, especially since the game expects you to understand more than a simple rock-paper-scissors combat style and grants you additional rewards based on how well you do in story missions, though the rewards so far haven't been anything more than xp and money.

    Character customization is easy to understand and offers an appreciable depth, with skills being taught from crystals that offer both their own passive benefits as well as the abilities they are teaching you, so you can juggle around passive abilities you want from your stones and what you want to learn, which gives the game's customization that balance I really like.

    I'm appreciating aspects of the story so far, particularly that both sides of the game's primary conflict have good and bad people within them, which actually made the option to ditch my new friends to rejoin my old allies from the start of the game a hard choice for once. I'm totally going through a second time JUST to pick that option and see how much the game changes -- hopefully it will be like Der Langrisser and I'll get an entirely new scenario!

    I've also got a sidekick character who has almost grown into the leader of my party, going from a more timid character to someone who launches rescue missions and I have the option to defer to in conversations now, which is spiffy; it'll be interesting to see where that ends up.
    Actually, that pretty much sums up how I feel about the game as a whole -- I'm interested in seeing where everything ends up, which is more than I can say about most games I play.

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    Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter has an incredible atmosphere and I love how all the gameplay elements are there to build up the narrative by making it actually feel tense. There are no inns and the only way to heal are healing items, and you have a very limited inventory. And that's just the tip of the ice berg. The D-counter is a genius device that I really didn't appreciate back in the day but now I really love it. It makes your choice of playstyle really matter and drives the point home just how powerful and how damaging to your own body the dragon powers are.

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    Actually, I'm currently playing FF V on my PS3. I bought it from the PS store. I'm in World 3 and am currently grinding. I love the job classes and summon creatures. A real gem of a game imo.

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    Bloody Breath of the Wild. All these months later still playing it, still finding new things, and still having fun. The last week or two I've found myself falling in love with it all over again and I'm still only playing my original file.

    I have it running right now as I type this.

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