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Thread: Praise the game you're playing right now!

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    Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together - I take back what I said about Terror Knights being nerfed. Holy hell are they nasty once they are up to par with the rest of your team level and gear. It helps that I switched two of my characters classes turning my Knight into a Terror Knight and my former Terror Knight into a Knight, the male TK is cooler looking as is the female Knight so bonus points there. They have low speed and have to use two-handed weapons which often have poor accuracy but then you gain their special skill that makes their accuracy 100% and makes melee inflict Frighten (lowers all stats) and you've got a mean death machine.

    I also ran into a random Female Knight I had to recruit because I noticed her name was Celes.

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    currently playing dragon quest 7.

    I mean, i like dragon quest games, so pretty much anything that makes any dragon quest game good applies here. But for 7, I suppose I like the island stories. Rather than having one big overarching story, it's basically the "doomsday event of the week" which is interesting.

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    I'm playing Warframe. I don't like games at the moment though, so I don't think it counts. I'm just passing time with Warframe.

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