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Thread: Heavy Rain PS4 Remaster

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    Default Heavy Rain PS4 Remaster

    Just a couple more days until this is out.

    I realize there's not much to change except the visuals but HR was one of the best and most unique gaming experiences of my life. I owe it to Quantic Dreams and David Cage to get it again.

    I am also hoping for some new Blind Let's Plays of it on YT. There aren't nearly enough.

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    Jason? Jason? JASON?! Jason?

    I loved Heavy Rain, it was one of my favourite games on PS3. I no longer have it, and I would like to own it again, but I've already completed it multiple times so I can't really justify the purchase of it when there are new games coming out that I haven't played.

    Can't wait to see what Quantic Dreams does with Detroit.
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    Detroit does sound really cool and interesting. I am definitely getting that.

    Also I'm from Detroit.

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