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Thread: Harvest Moon on PC?

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    Default Harvest Moon on PC?

    Not quite, but that's basically what a lot of people are calling it. The game is Stardew Valley, and it's an adorably fun game. Lots of things to do. I never really got into the Harvest Moon games, but for some reason I'm totally digging this game

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    Currently sitting at 1891 Positive reviews on Steam, with a whopping 24 negative reviews

    I know I promote some weird games on here usually based on nostalgia trips, but you guys may be missing out if you ignore this one :P Though it'll always be there, and it's not too pricey so it's not imperative to get right now. I just think there are a lot of people here who enjoy sim games. The Sims, Animal Crossing, old school Harvest Moon, Rune Factory (very rune factory), Fantasy Life, Terraria, Starbound, people are even making comparisons to Earthbound (and Viva Pinata for some reason)

    But yeah, just figured I'd give it another bump since it's eaten my entire two days off now, and it's all over YouTube, so it certainly doesn't need my help for sales. Just don't want potential fans to miss out, as I've heard some of the last Harvest Moon games left a bit to be desired, and have had developer troubles out the wazoo and whatnot

    I'm not much of a farmer, but I am a pretty decent fighter and fisherman. Currently wooing the local teacher/tutor girl who takes care of the kids in her spare time and slaves away at the game's equivalent of Walmart to make ends meet. I'll sweep her off her feet and make a fortune in the mines digging for gold and killing monsters and she can leave that crappy job and take care of the farm or something (There's really a lot of stories you can make in this game, very open ended)
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