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Thread: Calling All Baseball Fans! Fantasy Season Approaches!

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    Default Calling All Baseball Fans! Fantasy Season Approaches!

    One of the longest running fantasy sports league traditions is currently seeking new members!

    Are you a baseball fan looking to join a fun, competitive fantasy baseball league this year?

    Well, we've got the league for you. Come join EoFF's Fantasy Baseball League!

    Our longtime Commish and Multi-Time Champ Tony (Del Murder) has decided to take some much deserved time off to spend time with his family.

    Likewise, many other former members have hinted they may no longer be interested which puts me, the new Commish in the unique position of today.

    I'm looking for baseball fans or sports fans in general. Our league setup is very in-depth and requires a good deal of strategy but is always open to being changed. Perhaps we want to play for money this season? Or include keeper players for the future? All are open to discussion and debate.

    We usually hold our draft right around the last weekend before the season starts, so end of March.

    Join now if interested or PM me for more details.

    League ID #: 22143
    League Name: EoFF Fantasy Baseball
    Custom League URL:

    Take care all.

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    Just as a follow up, spots are still available. First-timers, newbies to fantasy sports are more than welcome.

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    What if I don't understand anything about the details, just the mechanics of the game?

    Can I make a ridiculous team and be that gag member of the league?

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