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Thread: Guitar building

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    Default Guitar building

    I had a big long first post mostly typed up when my phone decided that was silly and lost it all so I'll keep this a little brief and explain more as i update.

    I've got the guitar building bug. I plan to do my first full scratch build soon but for now I'm building a fanned fret neck for one of my Guitars. Each fret will be angled aside from the ninth so it'll hopefully be more comfortable to play. Here's the progress pics so far as i just started.

    Here's the fret board i plan to use. It's plain maple but the grain patterns going on are insanely nice. You can see a bit of it here. It'll look even better when it's oiled and waxed at the end so the grain really pops. Assuming i don't screw up the whole thing of course.

    This is the neck blank I'm going to use. Also maple with some birdseye figuring in it. Not the most amazing board ever but looks nice enough for use on my own guitar. If it were something i was going to sell I'd want something with more figuring.

    Here's the template i made up for the fret layout. After i triple check the measurements I'll cut it out to lay it all out on the board. I screwed up and made it slightly too short but i can lay out the last few frets on the board now that i have my process worked out. Each fret is marked accurately to within half a millimeter. Not sure you could get more accurate without doing it by machine.

    That's it for now. I'd like to start getting the fret board slotted and maybe start to sand it tomorrow. Still waiting on some hardware but i can get that part finished for now at least.
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