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R.I.P. Midgar Mist. If only she knew she would die of old age on the loading screens
Awww...I will be okay sweetie

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Ya the PS1 is slow. I'd suggest the ZNES with the FF III edition myself. Extreamly fast plus the fast forward button had me to the Lete River in 30 seconds I think.
Then nip accross the atlantic and give me the money for the hardware/software upgrades I shall need for an emulator OR for a copy of the SNES original lol

Seriously....Im a big dunce when it comes to newer technology. There wont be enough time (or money) to catch me up on 10 years worth of tech knowledge if Im gonna start tmw. And....I wanna start tmw so I shall live with slowness.
Alright then. Guess i gotta do it. You shall not suffer alone. i too... will .... play the PS1 version.

R.I.P. Galuf and Midgar
Dont suffer for me Galuf