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    Default Refia Makes This Look Good

    So I got FF 3 of Steam and been playing it all day.

    I just got the Enterprise and so far, things seem fun and fair enough. Obviously I still have a long way to go so plenty of room for it to fall into the troutter but this is the last numbered non-MMO FF I haven't really played. Plus I was in the mood for some Job System.

    Speaking of which, I naturally gave my favorite Jobs to the characters I like most. Refia is Red Mage and Ingus is Monk. I had Luneth as a Thief for most of the game but Steal has yielded nothing but Potions and some other worthless crap. I switched him to Warrior. Arc is pulling White Mage duty and I might leave him there forever at this rate. Always need a White Mage.

    But yeah, the game gives me spells and good weapons for free while also not being stingy with Gil....I dunno, I like it so far. I also like Mog Net returning, it's a nice little bit of extra character stuff like the FFIV thought bubbles.

    For those who don't know, I post on many forums and FF3DS is the favorite punching bag of one of them. More than even FFXIII, this game is hated and has almost no fans. The final dungeon at the very least is apparently infamously BS. But where I'm at right now, I like it.

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    Really? I always thought that FF3 DS was quite good. I understand that some people have a problem with chibi sprites, but aside from that I don't know what is to complain about, other than the 'crime' of it it not being an exact NES port.
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    A lot of gameplay decisions, like the two hour final dungeon that you originally could not save in.
    Also the final boss is impossible unless you defeat the side bosses you can wander passed.
    The debuff penalty you suffer for changing Jobs, which lowers Vitality which in turn effects how much HP you gain at level up so if you level up while sufferingt hat penalty, you lose out on HP.
    Bosses and certain enemies getting three turns in a row
    Some of the RNG of the turn order so maybe your White Mage goes first and cures a fully healed party instead of right after the boss' attacks.

    And so-on and so-forth. Believe me, they had a long list of complaints.

    I just got the Fire Crystal Jobs and defeated Hein. I', having fun, I'm just reporting why this other board I post on thinks this game is the worst.

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    That's strange because I've seen FF II get plenty of hate, FF V get hate, FF VI get some hate, FF VII get hate, FF VIII get too much hate, FF X get hate and FF XII and FF XIII get hate- but never FF III.

    I've only seen understandable complaints towards the final dungeon.

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