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    I used to be a big metalhead back in the day. When first starting out though, it was absolutely bewildering. Even though Wikipedia was a relatively recent creation and it helped a lot, all it did was make me even more confused a lot of the time with all the"cores" and subgenres of subgenres.

    But nowadays I like electronic music and I'm yearning for those simple days of being a newbie to metal music. The abundance of electronic music types is staggering.

    This is a somewhat short guide with a list of names and samples of all kinds of electronic music. The writer's bias shows through very blatantly, though. Very derogatory with some descriptions.

    This is a bit of a more objective list with again a lotof examples of the myriad types of music.

    I'm not really a clubbing type of person, shockingly enough. I just like music. I got into electronic music because of 80s Synthpop, which I absolutely adore. However, I've also come to really love "Darkwave" or Electro-goth. Germans are really good at this. I really dig this group called Diary of Dreams.

    Also gonna try and check out this lady called Chiasm. She formed her act in Detroit! That's where I'm from.

    But in spite of all this, I still love 80s Synth and Eurodisco in all its gaudiness. Also there is an addition to that first guide that wasn't there when I first found it. It's "bubblegum bass." I...kinda like that, too.

    I do not like Industrial though, I've learned that. It's too heavy.

    Well hope that gets the ball rolling. What about you all?

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    im a huge squarepusher fan

    and i used to do a lot of aphex twin too

    also gonna just put boards of canada in here before someone else does i guess

    my fave album of the year so far is by roly porter

    but in terms of good electropoppy stuff my fave of late is empress of

    i dun even know like frig i could keep posting links forever

    what do you consider as industrial? i dont really understand electronic genres that well (like you said there's so many) and i stopped caring anymore after someone called burial ( 2-step
    because i mean what
    that's too specific isn't it

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