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Thread: The Cutest FF Carbuncle

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    FYI, this was a recent unlock from the FFXV Chocobo Keeper event:

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    FFIX is the most iconic carbuncle to me, but I will say XIV is cutest because of those animations!

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    Quote Originally Posted by harmonixer View Post
    Easily XV, with VIII at a close second as a cutsie/cartoony version (I guess VIII was a lot like the other carbuncles though)
    Aww, you've made a cute Carbuncle ^-^

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    Totally FFXV's Carbuncle, strangly i have this dream and Carbuncle was there. I swear it was that same Carbuncle, even it did the cry i think there were two of them, it was weird, but i'm getting off topic with this.
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