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Thread: New XIV details from PAX East!

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    Default New XIV details from PAX East!

    At PAX East, Naoki Yoshida had a live Q&A about new details for Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward. He explains about new quests, developments, and his personal thoughts. During the hour long event, Yoshida asnwered questions asked by fans previously and live. Check out the recap info, thanks to Siliconera.

    • An app is currently in development for the game. This app will allow players to enter the Linkshell outside of the game, letting them speak to their guild or friends from their mobile devices. This same app will also let players access their retainer and the marketboard. Yoshida stated that it will hopefully be available before the next expansion releases.
    • Players awaiting the next line of quests for Hildebrand will find some new detective activities to undertake in Patch 3.3.
    • After having Odin make a guest appearance in Phantasy Star Online 2, Yoshida stated that it may be possible that gear and characters from Phantasy Star Online 2 might be coming to Final Fantasy XIV in all territories as well.
    • He was also asked about making changes to existing content, with audience members asking about gender-neutral clothing, being able to fly in old areas, and giving the Summoner new pets. These were all things he said would be very time-consuming to accomplish, but that steps could be taken for some of them.
    • For gender-neutral clothing, he recommended that players go to the forums and request specific gear they would like to see available for either gender. When the audience requested the Bunny Ears, he told them to he would get on it.
    • For Summoner pets, he said that they were in the process of letting players change the appearance of their pets, starting with Carbuncle, in hopes of providing a new appearance per patch.
    • Flight in old areas could be possible, but it would take attention away from new content. He would not dismiss it outright, but that doing so would delay development of the new expansion and that their priority was on new maps.
    • For players who had enjoyed the Lightning Strikes event, Yoshida stated that there would be more cameos from other Final Fantasy characters in the future, but in the interest of keeping fans from bickering over why their favorite character was not included, declined to state which ones would make cameos at this time.
    • When pressed about his most hated quest, Yoshida stated it was the hidden Moogle quest line. He noted that Moogle love had dropped dramatically after this quest line, and as such, he promised to make players love Moogles again with Patch 3.3, hinting at a little revenge on the Moogle King.
    • Doomtrain, the supplex-able locomotive from Final Fantasy VI, was brought up by the audience. Yoshida mused that it could appear in the Garlean Empire when players arrived there, and that it might be flying.
    • No new classes or jobs were revealed, with Yoshida saying more would be announced at Fan Fest.

    What are your thought sbaout this new infomation from the Q&A?

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    Interesting read. Thanks for the heads up.
    Bow before the mighty Javoo!

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    aw yiss doom train choo choo mothersmurfers

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