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Thread: Brother is always flirting with Yuna.....

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    Default Brother is always flirting with Yuna.....

    Does anyone notice Brother is always flirting with Yuna in X-2? I mean, aren't they cousin's being as Cid is Yuna's uncle?

    I mean, that's kind of incestuous if you think about it. There are scenes in X-2 where he's absolutely acts stupid towards Yuna as though he's goofing around and flirting with her. I didn't think much of this when I was younger. But maybe their hinting that Al Bhed sleep with eachother seeing as Everyone else worships Yevon.

    Makes sense to marry your cousin or....err whatever than.

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    It's not kind of incestuous, it's absolutely incestuous. xD

    Honestly one of the things I disliked most about the game. Not only is Yuna getting perved on at every second, but it's by her first cousin. Ew.

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    There is a scene in X-2 which makes it absolutely clear he is in love with her.

    Cousins are a legit thing, by the way. But I see why people think of it as weird. On top of that, Aniki ... is not the guy you want to see normally.

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    I don't think dating or marrying cousins isn't seen as incest in Japan. So shipping Yuna/ Rikku and Yuna/ Brother would be completely okay.

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    Cousins are legal, but Brother is a weirdy. He's like some avante garde European artist.

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    In most cases, yeah, it's icky and weird to have a thing for your cousin. But you have to remember that Brother and Yuna did not grow up together and never even met or knew each other until she got on Cid's airship.

    Also you have to remember that it's a Japanese game, and Japan has a weird obsession with incest in fiction for some reason.

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