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    Welcome to Colourmesix

    I'll be taking signature and avatar request for use on this forum.
    Trying to get back into Photoshop and I figured making a request shop would be a good start.
    Few rules I have to bore you with:


    - Please don't claim these graphics as your own.
    - Credit when using my work would be appreciated.
    - I hold the right to decline a request.
    - Please use the request format when requesting.

    Request format

    Requesting: Signature / Avatar / Set
    Image: [provide link]
    Text: [any text you'd like included]
    Additional: [any extra info you would like to give me]

    I'll do my best to work along with specific requests but please remember every GFX artist has their own style.
    You can check out more of my work on DeviantArt.
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    Reserved post.
    Will be updated later.

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