So my doodling thread is kinda old and I don't really have the time to casually doodle anymore, I decided to follow Pumpkin's lead and make a new drawing thread, marking a new drawing period. Nowadays, if I want to draw, I have to sit down and focus for a longer period of time. Might as well try some new stuff, eh?

Still, I've pretty much given up on trying to draw anything besides characters, so I'm dedicating this thread to just that - artwork of characters from my writing.

So the first pic is very experimental for me. It's the first proper group shot that I've ever done (that little Crosswords fiasco doesn't count). It includes all the major characters from the first part in the Fool's Journey novel that I'm writing. When I get my phone back and can pretend my light is a lightbox, I might actually ink it and color. For now, here's the sketch:

So I've experimented a bit with some of the clothing - besides Griff (the one on the left in the central trio), all characters with visible clothing have new duds, so that was interesting. Adding a little braid to Ofelia's hair was kind of a challenge, but one that I think paid off. Also, I kinda wish I had bigger pieces of paper, because the detail on the characters in the back really needs some work.

Let me know what you guys think.