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Thread: Advanced posting and other Advanced text issues

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    Question Advanced posting and other Advanced text issues

    Why is it when I'm using the advanced option (or tweaking my signature) that when i make a typo and press the delete button the curser resets to the beginning of the sentence and starts deleting stuff i didnt ask it to delete?

    This is particularly a problem when I'm tweaking my signature cos it ends up taking the last ] away from my sig pic and if i dont check it im bothered because im getting coding on my sig instead of a picture.

    Ive noticed this any time ive used the advanced option, i suspect it has something to do with the auto save feature but im not sure.

    Is there a fix for this? It would help me as I'm a bit of a Typo Queen (as well as being a stubborn Retro Queen)

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    This used to happen to me until I switched the formatting style (the button with the A/A) on it. So far as I know there isn't another fix for it.

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