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Thread: What Spin-Offs/Reboots do You Want to See?

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    Default What Spin-Offs/Reboots do You Want to See?

    Some of the greatest shows ever developed were spin-offs of other shows. Some are better than their predecessors.

    Boruto is a spin-off of Naruto currently in development. I'm not up on a lot of S/Rs in development. Brotherhood was an S/R of FMA. I got to thinking: I'd like to see a Reboot of Naruto. One that is more true to the word ninja they constantly throw around. They can keep the chakra and the tailed beasts, but the story should take place at night, in shadow, and all characters should wear dark clothes. Characters shouldn't be so chipper and enthusiastic. Maybe it should center around Sasuke. Yeah. A Naruto reboot called Sasuke.

    The One-Punch Man anime is pretty much a reboot. It's not actually a parody like the source material. Sure, Saitama's abilties are exaggerated, but most of the story for what little plot exists is believable and hardly sensationalized. Seth McFarlane's work are parodies. Robot Chicken is parody. It's meant to be so ridiculous you can't help laughing. I burst out laughing at the few episodes I've seen of Angie Tribeca. That's a parody. But I didn't laugh at anything going on in OPM. I just thought it was awesome. Granted I haven't read the manga, but I have to assume a lot was changed in transitioning to anime. That's why I say it is a reboot.

    That said, I would also like to see Spin-Off/Reboots of Final Fantasy Unlimited and Chrono Crusade. But my all time must for any list would be for the Wild Arms anime.

    Anyone else? Anybody? Bueller?

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    One Punch Man is technically a "reboot" though remake is a better term, but not the manga to the anime, which is actually very accurate to each other. The series is a reboot of the original web comic series though, with a more skilled artist redrawing the story to make it a bit palpatable for general audiences.

    I've never been big on reboots because it's hard to recapture what often made the original great. If I wanted a reboot of something, I would probably choose something I felt was awful but the core idea was pretty sound. Dexter comes to mind. Biomega is another manga series that starts off great and then just took a left field into weirdsville before just ending unceremoniously with half the interesting characters MIA for half the series.

    As far as spin-offs go, I would have loved a Daria spin-off about Trent and his band Mystic Spiral (though we're thinking about changing the name) which would have been awesome.

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