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Thread: The Failed Magitek Knight

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    Default The Failed Magitek Knight

    So....I've heard a theory about Kefka turning evil because Celes rejected his advances. And its quite possible that's a part of it. But, if you go to the Pub in Vector the first time you're there, there's a dude who says that Kefka was the first one to get a Magitek infusion went wrong and sent him insane. This ties up with what Gestahl says on the floating continent later, hinting he's had control of both Kefka and Celes since they were children.

    Thoughts? Comments?

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    Ive never heard that theory in my life. As far as I can tell Kefka isnt a sexually or romantically motivated character on any level.

    The botched infusion is absolutely the reason Kefka is insane.

    Kefka is pretty much The Joker from Batman. White faced(not makeup?) sadistic clown with no empathy who basically outright worships chaos.

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    Kefka was infused and that sent him down a spiral of insanity, hate, disgust and a want for destruction. Through the events, each time his fouled up by the party, he gets more and more into his role. As for a love interest between Kefka and Celes, I haven't heard or seen anything to warrant that. It's not debunked, it could be thoughts in Kefka's head... (I mean those sprites do show some skin)
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