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Thread: Orange is the New Black

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    All of season 4, don't read unless you've finished

    I'm actually kind of disappointed with Netflix. I think they could've pushed the release date back a week or two. With the Orlando shooting just last week, I think it was just incredibly poor timing to release this season where one of the most beloved characters--an out lesbian--was killed. Poussey went through so much trout, and she was finally in a loving and healthy relationship with someone who loved her back, her future was looking extremely bright. It just sucks.

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    +Reading Americanah
    +Showing the awful impact that working in a prison - or in combat - can have
    +"All Latinas love Morrissey"
    +"My life is the evidence"

    -Poussey! Ugh, that was awful and sad
    -Burset's treatment and resulting mental health crisis
    -Molly's treatment and resulting mental health crisis
    -The general control and torture tactics of the prison staff in general
    -Doggett forgiving Coates

    This season was chilling, calculated, and timely - although yes, perhaps they could have put the show on hold for a couple of weeks; or even just the last couple of episodes. In particular, this storyline has a lot in common with the fates of Eric Garner, Michael Brown, and Sandra Bland. This season goes out of its way to show how incarcerated persons are "othered", and how those in power do not use it to create positive change. In the work I have done for Books to Prisoners, I have read a lot of letters from inmates that talk about loopholes that result in barriers to access for incarcerated persons in all kinds of care and resources. They are not considered people. In that regard, this season was a success.
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    This season started off nice and cheery but took a turn for the dark. I would have preferred the opposite! Still, for the reasons Nicky mentioned, it was very successful at delivering its message.

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    Absolutely emotionally gutted by the end of this season.

    As for delaying the show, that would have been super unnecessary in my opinion. This show celebrates lesbian characters on a level unheard of on television. Why should showcasing that kind of richly varied and interesting lesbian characters be delayed?

    And in the end, what happened to (SPOILER)Poussey was about a smurfed up prison system, a smurfed up legal system that puts people of color in jail while young white men get off with nothing but a warning. It had nothing to do with the character being lesbian other than to show us what a sweet and lovely relationship she had with Brooke and to further wrench our hearts out of our chests with the knowledge of what a genuinely good and kind person we've now lost in the OITNB universe. I was so beside myself after the episode. There was no one they could have chosen for death that would have been as impactful as Poussey. And so now, a day later, I can process it and understand why it had to be her. Who else would have been as heartbreaking?

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