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Thread: Will You Be Following the UEFA Euros 2016?

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    It is hard sometimes to be a fan of football. I'm bisexual, and you don't have to look far to see how football still has yet to come on that issue. You have to roll back only to the 1990s and look at the Fashanu tragedy. There's been other incidents and just an uncomfortable culture, in certain spots.

    It has improved and I don't want to paint a picture as football as virulently homophobic, because it isn't, but in lesser forms, it is still there. It makes me winch when it happens. It doesn't help.

    I know this is straying from the topic, so feel free if it is deemed necessary to split the most recent run of posts. But it is an interesting topic. It isn't often I discuss, mainly because not many people that I know actually like football.

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    Soccer is bafflingly overhyped. I never saw any appeal in it whatsoever.
    Finally! Somebody understands me! It's rare to hear something like that from Poland since this country is so "patriotic" in such cases...
    Is Poland one of those proud countries that take literally every sporting event seriously? Because I know Russia takes smurfing Eurovision deadly seriously.
    Yes, it's one of those! That's why I'm not proud of my country - they're dead serious in almost every aspect of life (majority of the country, I mean), which is a shame...
    Idk, that's kind of a broad generalization. You sure like your stereotypes, Formy In general, I think patriotism is a good thing and I am happy to be Polish and I like my country in general. However, blind patriotism that leads to nationalism is bad and, sadly, many people here fail to see the distinction. Soccer fans are especially bad about this, and I'm not even talking about the international level - on a local level, fans can get very fierce and disruptive whenever their team is involved in a match with another team. Violence is not uncommon.But overall, like many European countries, a lot of people in Poland are very much into soccer and as a kid that refused to conform to many gender norms, I had a very bad time for not liking or being good at the game. My experience of being bullied because I was bad at it and didn't enjoy it at all was kind of lame. So yeah, you can say that I'm bitter or something, I guess.
    Excellent answer, indeed!
    Although it doesn't change the fact that I still have mixed feelings about our country.
    I can't say that I hate it, but I also don't love it. I just try to live there, that's it.

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    My restaurant is using our massive tv screen over the bar to show games all throughout the tournament, so I've been catching bits here and there.

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    It's only June football season hasn't started yet

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