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    Default Your Small Council

    Who would be the members of your Small Council if you could choose any character you wanted? You don't need to limit yourself to characters who are still alive if you don't want.

    I'd go with:

    Hand of the King: Tyrion Lannister - because GoT S2/B2
    Grand Maester: Samwell Tarly - he's a good lad, I trust him
    Master of coin: Petyr Baelish - no, I don't trust him, but he's good at his job and I have Tyrion to watch my back
    Master of law: Mace Tyrell - smurf if I know, he just strikes me as a lawmaker for some reason. Never hurts to be in a Tyrell's favor
    Master of ships: Yara Greyjoy - she wrecks stuff
    Master of whisperers: Varys - he serves the realm
    Lord Commander of the Kingsguard: Barristan Selmy - because he's the goddamn Ser Barristan!

    Your turn.

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    Hand of the King - Eddard Stark, except I'll actually listen to him once in a while, if he wants to return to the north then replace with Ser Davos
    Grand Maester - Aemon Targaryen, seems most capable and sane of all the maesters, if he get's too old to do his job then replace him with Sam
    Master of Coin - Tywin Lannister, a bit more trustworthy than Petry Baelish, has so much money is not likely to embezzle from me and I cant pick Tyrion because he is:
    Master of Law - Tyrion Lannister, seems to match my opinion on what is right and wrong, has been slighted by the justice system enough times to be sympathetic.
    Master of Ships - Yara Greyjoy, she knows ships and isn't crazy
    Master of Whispers - Varys, Assuming non of the faceless men will betray their core belifs to become politicians for me
    Lord Commander of the Kingsgaurd - Jon Snow, knows how to command, has a wolf.

    The only one I'm not really sure of is Master of Coin but I cant think of a trustworthy candidate who is good with numbers besides Tyrion.

    edit: Actually
    Coin - Tyrion
    Law - Jon Snow, able to see beyond predjudices and change laws for the common good
    Kingsgaurd - Syrio, first sword of Braavos
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    Hand of the King: Olenna. You need someone clever, capable and politically shrewd as Hand.

    Grand Maester: Samwell. Smart, trustworthy, dedicated.

    Master of coin: The former Head of the Iron Bank. Whoever they are, they've got to be good with money in order to have reached that position.

    Master of law: Tyrion. Same reasoning as blackmage.

    Master of ships: Davos. Has experience with ships. Is awesome.

    Master of whisperers: Varys. Great at his job, has the kingdom's best interests at heart.

    Lady Commander of the Kingsguard: Brienne. Brave, honourable, loyal, and undoubtedly one of the best warriors in the Seven Kingdoms.

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