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Thread: Simple question: did anybody actually like The After Years?

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    Default Simple question: did anybody actually like The After Years?

    So FF4: TAY is apparently regarded by many to be one of the worst games in the franchise.

    I can see where they're coming from, what with its plot mostly being the original game cut up and reassembled in a random order with the characters even admitting that's going on, and the gameplay being a straight copy of vanilla FF4 (not even borrowing any mechanics from the 3D remake, even in its OWN 3D remake) plus a few Chrono Trigger-style combo attacks that weren't all that important, the game doesn't really seem to have much going for it when you break it down that way.

    I'm certainly not among its defenders, but because Kain and Edward were my favourite characters in the original, I really enjoyed the development they got in this game, especially since they along with Golbez were the only characters who did seem to get any development here, so I have a bit of a biased soft spot for it all the same.

    (SPOILER)Also, if the stuff going on with the throwback bosses is anything to go by, it seems implied that FF4 takes place well after the rest of 1 through 6, this very thing happened on their own respective worlds... and they all lost!

    Anyone else find any enjoyment out of this one?

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    I don't hate it, but it was certainly a weak sequel with an endgame dungeon that eventually made me quit the game and never finish it cause I don't have time for that nonsense anymore. It could have been an interesting piece, but the game fails to jump off from it's predecessor and simply wallows in the original (a problem a lot of FF Direct Sequels have) too much to be it's own thing. The new cast are all interesting, but fail to take the spotlight and quickly get overshadowed by the original cast. The gameplay is not bad, but like you said, it doesn't do it any favors either.

    It's hardly the worst FF sequel, but it lacks any ambition and ultimately feels incredibly redundant and self serving rather than feel like a game meant to expand the mythos and story of it's original. It's biggest crime, besides the lengthy final dungeon, is that it actually had the potential to be something really cool.

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    I never got the chance to play FF IV: TAY, I can buy it on my mobile, always thought about it. After reading that I'll know to come at it with a strong head. Had to for X-2 (which I need to beat still) and never got around to playing XIII-2
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    I liked it. I can see why it gets the strong hate that it does though, as it's basically copy + paste from the original FFIV and not really all that creative. Though I personally loved seeing characters that I loved in the original game 'grow up' per say, and get some more development. Though unless you are a massive FFIV, I don't recommend it.

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    I like most of it. It's great to see how they grew since the other game, particularly Kain, Edge and Edward. What I don't like is the really last dungeon. It's just too long. It's shorter on the PC/DS version though, and it is a lot better.

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    It's currently sitting on my phone, and I'm gonna play it after revisiting the IV remake. We'll see how I feel, but I at least like the game's concept from a "where are they now?" perspective. It's interesting to see how Edward, Yang, and Edge handle their royal duties, what Palom and Porom do as full fledged mages, how Kain and Golbez are handling their lives post-Zemus. Really, I care less about the story and more about how the characters lives have progressed. Might start a thread when the time comes to actually play it though.

    Side note, I actually think the Lunar Phase and the Band systems are kinda cool, if unnecessary. Again, we'll see how I feel.

    (SPOILER)Also Edge can fight Rubicante 1v1, yes, I'm still a fanboy after all these years.
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    I liked it well enough, but it got a bit tedious towards the end. Not only are a lot of the events just retreads of the old stuff from FFIV, but really, IV was so simple and perfectly paced that this one is just not fun to play by comparison. I still like it though and can see myself playing it again.

    Not the Interlude tho. That was straight-up terrible and dumb.

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