One of the more fascinating aspects of Data as a character is his attempt to transcend his physical limitations (programming) to be able to become more human. Not just to emulate us, but to fully understand what it means to be human, thus redefining the definition of the word and what we previously knew about it. If we can accept that Data can transcend his programming to accomplish this, then can it not be equally possible for the reverse to be true?

What if we as humans can expand our minds to the point that we can truly understand how Data (and androids in general) think. How they come to the conclusions they do and how they rationalize and solve problems that we never considered before. Would this effect result in us evolving by combining the best of humanity and android together to create an entirely new species?

Some would argue that taking away our differences would make us all the same and thus remove individuality. But this is working under the assumption that such a fusion would destroy all differences. Remove the assumption and what's left? If we can accept that a new species can be created, then why not new differences? As humans we all have brains and thoughts, but how we rationalize these thoughts and come to different conclusions can be entirely different based on a number of factors. Why can't this fact remain when the new species is created? What differences can then be created that retains individuality while bringing the best of both worlds together in perfect harmony?

Of course to answer this we must first ask the question, how can we understand Data? What are examples of problems and obstacles we can think of and how would Data solve them with the way he thinks? How would it be different to what we currently understand?