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Thread: Surf's Up! - Vote for Your Favourite Speech!

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    ZOMG! Surf's Up! - Vote for Your Favourite Speech!

    Voting Opens Now!

    Still feeling that Ciddies comedown? Hankering to exercise your democratic right to voting? Waiting to hear what else I can say to hype this up even more? You've come to the right place.

    Remember all those wonderful speeches written by a band of dedicated speech writers? Now's your chance to vote for your favourite!

    The Procedure

    All 49 speeches are linked in the next section, in case you've forgotten or want a refresher. After looking through, select your favourite three and send them to me via Mognet Message. Rank your three favourites - 1, 2 and 3. This'll allocate them points based on how much you liked them, which will eventually determine which speech was most loved by EoFF members!

    You don't necessarily have to put three down if you only have one or two that stuck out, but try to fill out the spaces best you can.

    The List

    So, without further ado, here are all 49 speeches, listed in order of appearance:

    Most Likely To...

    Get that Beach Bod just in time for Surf Season - Speech by Bubba
    Have a Baywatch Running Montage - Speech by Pumpkin
    Find Buried Treasure - Speech by qwertysaur
    Try to call the Krusty Krab but mistakenly call Patrick instead - Speech by Jinx
    Get their Arm Eaten by a Shark - Speech by Bubba
    Go Skinny Dipping - Speech by Mr. Carnelian
    Get Sand in their Crack - Speech by Night Fury
    Be Pulled Out to Sea, Never to be Heard From Again - Speech by qwertysaur
    Bring the Rum Ham - Speech by Jinx
    Flirt with the Lifeguard - Speech by Mr. Carnelian

    Be the Harassed Lifeguard - Speech by Shaibana
    Sell Seashells by the Seashore - Speech by Night Fury
    Forget where they Buried the Bleedin' Treasure - Speech by Shaibana
    Play Heavensward instead of Going to the Beach - Speech by Bubba
    Get the Perfect Wavy Beach Hair - Speech by Night Fury
    Build Princess Zelda out of sand and Whisper "Open Your Eyes into her ear - Speech by Bubba
    Still be Super Pumped for FFXV - Speech by Pumpkin
    Be the Next Staff Member - Speech by qwertysaur
    Win a Ciddie for the First Time - Speech by Shauna
    Be Found Kissing Under the Boardwalk - Speech by Jinx

    Main Awards

    Most Excellent Couple - Speech by Night Fury
    Dudinx That Needs to Totally Post More - Speech by Pumpkin
    Most Underrated Dudinx - Speech by Pumpkin
    Most Helpful Dudinx - Speech by Pumpkin
    Most Hard-Working Dudinx - Speech by Night Fury
    Most Carefree Dudinx - Speech by Bubba
    Most AWESOME!!!! Dudinx - Speech by Night Fury
    Most Stylish Dudinx - Speech by Night Fury
    Most Approachable Dudinx - Speech by Pumpkin
    Happiest Dudinx - Speech by Night Fury

    Funniest Dudinx - Speech by Bubba
    Kindest Dudinx - Speech by Night Fury
    Raddest Custom Title - Speech by qwertysaur
    Raddest Signature - Speech by qwertysaur
    Raddest Avatar - Speech by qwertysaur
    Raddest Final Fantasy Poster - Speech by Fynn
    Sickest Let's Play - Speech by Shauna
    Sickest Article Series - Speech by Bubba
    Sickest Post - Speech by Bubba
    Sickest Thread - Speech by Freya

    Gnarliest Artist - Speech by Freya
    Gnarliest Writer - Speech by Night Fury
    Gnarliest Creative Piece - Speech by Bubba
    Total Creative Cruncher - Speech by Pumpkin
    Gnarliest Chatter - Speech by Pumpkin
    Gnarliest Newbie - Speech by Night Fury
    Gnarliest Veteran - Speech by Night Fury
    Gnarliest Staffer - Speech by Formalhaut
    Most Tubular Member - Speech by Various Members

    And before you ask: yes, that did that ages to link up. If there are any mis-links in there somewhere, just tell me and I'll correct it.

    For your information, voting closes Monday 18th July. I'm not super-strict on the exact time on that day, but you have a week, pretty much. If you're about to miss the deadline but still want to vote, give me a heads-up and I can allow it through.


    While you're out and about looking through and voting, let's give another big hand to the amazing speech writers! Every one of those speeches were written by people who cared enough to spend time writing or recording these speeches. Special thanks should be given to Bubba for organising the speech writing process, and Night Fury for writing so many speeches. But thanks to every single one of the speech writers: Pumpkin, Freya, Shauna, qwertysaur, Jinx, Shaibana, Fynn, Mr. Carnelian, Night Fury and Bubba.

    Voting Closes Monday 18th July!
    Don't Forget!

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    Thank you Fynn for spotting that the link to the Most Approachable Member speech was linked wrong. Well, I say wrong: clicking on the #645 post link which contains the speech, for some reason, takes me to the next page instead. Weird. The best I can say is just locate post #645, which should be easy enough.

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    Writing the speeches was fun.

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    It was a great team effort with the speeches this time! Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who contributed. You made my job an awful lot easier!

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