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Thread: The thing Crisis Core did right (Spoilers)

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    I've just finished the game for myself for the first time. It wasn't too bad!

    I hated both Angeal and Genesis but particularly the latter. Angeal was like a broken record spouting about "honour" every other sentence. Genesis was utter, utter sh**e. I couldn't give two flying f***s about that stupid play. The quotes were trout and there was actually nothing else to him. I quite relished the end boss fight as it felt I was destroying Loveless... the true enemy of the game: A sh*t theatre production.

    I actually enjoyed the character of Cissnei though. She had far more about her as a Turk then Elena ever did. Zack's performance was likeable but the less said about Cloud the better. It was also nice running around some familiar environments in 3D.

    Yeah, the number of recycled environments for the missions became extremely tedious very quickly. Credit where credit is due though. The ending was superb.

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    I actually enjoyed Crisis Core but I attribute that more to me being a sucker for anything FF7. The introduction of Angeal and Genesis was interesting because Genesis shows up in Dirge of Cerberus as well. I'm wondering if SE will do anything with this in the new FF7 reboot. There were a couple of things I didn't like but it was mainly game play.

    I feel like they did Zack exactly how he was supposed to be from FF7. He was a peppy person who was easily excitable. I suppose it's debatable because it's from Cloud's memory of what happened in Nibelheim, when they were in the truck.

    Either way, I think the story is worth experiencing if you're a fan of FF7.
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