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Thread: Tokyo RPG Factory Loses 224 Million Yen from I Am Setsuna

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skyblade View Post
    How about the fact that it wasn't well advertised? I mean, compared to even just Bravely Default, the marketing for I Am Setsuna was pretty terrible. I know people who were interested in the game who still didn't know that it actually released.
    Probably had something to do with it.

    It probably changes a lot company to company but from the little experience I've had of similar situations, they generally put their marketing budget behinds the things that gain the most hype organically.

    So Bravely Default probably got more marketing because the initial reactions to it were far better. I know that was true in my case. I was pretty much sold on that game just by the environmental art.

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    I just hope this doesn't lead to the studio being closed. They deserve more chances, after playing I am Setsuna I think they have what it takes to make some great RPGs.

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    Mostly a rumor, but it looks like Setsuna may gain a spiritual sequel of some sorts.

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    When Square Enix reported a 244 million yen loss related to Tokyo RPG Factory, some gaming websites got a little ahead of themselves with the doom and gloom forecast: The financial data came before I Am Setsuna (the company's only game to date) had released outside of Japan, probably included the total cost of starting the company (not just development of I Am Setsuna), and many readers failed to realize the loss was in Yen, not USD (2.5 million), which is a pretty significant difference.

    Oh happy days !!!

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    After I Am Setsuna let me down greatly, I am actually really happy to hear the team is still going. Despite the issues I ended up having with Setsuna, there was a lot of obvious talent and potential behind the game.

    I look forward to their next outing.

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    Hopefully they branch out and take a few more risks and actually try some of their own ideas if they're interesting enough and capable of being implemented

    The reasons I passed on purchasing the game are that it was digital only. I had planned on getting it physical, and for the Vita, not PS4, which if I remember correctly, that got scrapped entirely outside of Japan

    Also it had the plot to FFX, which I guess could still work since some other games had similar plots. But I hadn't heard anything about memorable characters, or catchy writing, or anything that could bring it out of the realm of cliche rehash that sounded at all interesting to me. I've had a long history with Japan relying too much on tropes, cliches, and rehashes and then thinking that they're doing enough with just that, instead of using it as a base to build something more interesting off of and only use it as a jumping off point. I got the impression they didn't put any effort here

    And lastly, I had heard that they only used a piano for their music. And while that is an interesting idea, after watching a video with a battle that was very haphazard loud random piano music, I can imagine after 20 hours it would really start to grate on my nerves and I'd hate to have to play through an RPG with the sound turned off...

    I will give them credit. That was an interesting and brave choice, and if there were a physical copy for the Vita I would have found out about that the hard way and may have gotten used to it. Maybe it's not as bad as I'm thinking it is. But the other two factors just kill it for me. I guess I'll try to catch it on sale some day...

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    the all-piano soundtrack gets boring pretty quick. yes, sure, it's pretty, but it's not exciting.

    physical copies can eat a dick though
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