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Thread: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon!

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    Default Pokemon Mystery Dungeon!

    I remember having Red Rescue Team and enjoying the story quite a bit when I was younger! It was quite a novel idea having the game focus solely on the Pokemon. Kinda made it seem rather like a Pikachu short movie.

    Much to my surprise there's been sequels to these games, which flew past me as I started to lose interest in the series. Now that I'm starting to appreciate it once more, I might boot it back up at some point in the future and save some lives.

    Did you guys ever play this spinoff? Did you enjoy it?

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    Yeah i completed blue rescue team not long ago and I really enjoy that kinda game. I did have gates to infinity until I lost my 3ds

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    If i give anymore praise to these games ill sound like a broken record here lol.
    But screw it.

    Imo the best part of pokemon. I havent played the 3ds ones. But i dont need to. As long as ive played explorers of time and darkness and sky.
    Some people wont like the randomness of the dungeons and stuff. And it really is annoying to spawn in a monster house. But the story is very worth it. And it makes under appreciated pokemon have their own personality and stuff. Theres a reason like dusknoir and Grovyle. Cyndawuil just
    fits the partner so well. Ooft i wanna replay now...
    Also it has a few twists that mqy not be as easy to
    spot as you think. Its sad. Its fun. Its great.

    Play. It.

    EDIT: i should be arrested for not mentioning the godly OST. Its amazing. Some of the best themes in gaming.
    Amp plains.
    Temporal tower.
    Primal dialga.
    Ooft and ofcourse Batman.... I mean Palkias theme.
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    What Galuf said. Explorer's of Time has one of the saddest endings in a videogame. Especially since you see it coming about halfway though. And the music is great. It's a tad on the easy side though. Monster Houses are suppose to be scary, but in practice they're a source of XP.

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