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Thread: What Language Would You Learn?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mirage View Post
    Japanese, because it's the hardest out of the languages I'd like to know.

    German and Spanish I can learn the old fashioned way much more easily than I could learn Japanese.
    Check out "Tae Kim Japanese Grammar" if you want to learn Japanese in a way that makes intuitive sense.
    That guide is great because it truly starts with the foundations, so you always know exactly what you are doing.
    It uses tons of example phrases to really show how things work in actual writing, and it takes one step at a time at a pleasant pace.

    Actually, I might as well link you to that site:

    I think "Table Of Contents" has all the information you will ever need.
    It might look like a lot, but each section gets you closer and closer to understanding the language.
    Just focus on one topic at a time and it will feel much more manageable.
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    It's still not going to be easier to learn than German
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