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Thread: First time playing "Space Megaforce" (SNES), is it realistic to start on Hyper?

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    Default First time playing "Space Megaforce" (SNES), is it realistic to start on Hyper?

    I recently discovered this space shooter gem for the Super Nintendo (actually, I am playing the Japanese version known as "Super Aleste"), and so far it has been very good, and I enjoy it a lot.
    However, I am the kind of player who insists on jump-starting on the highest difficulty available no matter what, so I did that with this game as well, and immediately raised the difficulty to Hyper Mode - and needless to say, I am overwhelmed by the difficulty and sheer amount of crap assaulting me from all directions.
    I did beat Stage 1 the other day, which actually felt like quite an achievement, and right now I am stuck on the second part of Stage 2, which pretty much requires Bomb Pods in some places.
    Anyway, do you think it is realistic to expect to pull through this difficulty while still being almost completely new to the game?
    I do have some experience with other old-school space shooters, and I have beaten NES games like Gradius, Life Force, Gun Nac and even Silver Surfer a couple times, so maybe I have what it takes to survive Space Megaforce on instant Hyper Mode as well...?
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