Looks like absolute smurfing horsetrout.

The only thing I'm remotely curious about is whether the giant footsteps are hinting at a zombie Metal Gear, as previous posters have suggested, or perhaps a giant zombie Gurlugon, in a nod to earlier games. Probably a zombie Metal Gear, since I doubt anyone working on this game would be that familiar with obscure throwaway jokes from turn-of-the-century MGS titles.

I'm interested in what makes the zombies 'work', but only because I'm generally curious about that sort of thing.

Seriously, there's at least one big untold Metal Gear story just begging to be turned into a game: Big Boss' exploits during the late 1980s and early 90s. We know he built FOXHOUND during that time, recruiting Gray Fox, Mantis, Wolf, the twin Snakes and others from warzones and militaries across the globe. There's a big tale to be told about his glory days as a hero of the US, while secretly manipulating events and challenging the Patriots behind the scenes, until his eventual final fall from grace. Hell, there could even be a chapter or two taking place right at the end, after his "resurrection" in Guns of the Patriots. I'm imagining a huge Phantom Pain-style open world title, bringing in iconic series characters and taking control of them during epic exploits.

...I doubt we'll ever see any of that, of course, but it's fun to imagine.

In the meantime, some co-op zombie smiting. smurfing yay?