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    An interesting discussion came up elsewhere when talking about FF villains and their relationship to the heroes. Specifically it came up in FFIX where it was observed most of the villains are forgiven. This drifted into the observation that most of these relationships in the franchise aren't blood feud arch enemy "I will hunt you to the ends of the earth!!!" types. The heroes have to stop the villain, that's that.

    I countered with Cloud who I said hated Sephiroth. But then I thought on it and I'm not sure that's the case. Cloud certainly "thinks" and talks like he hates Sephiroth but that wasn't exactly "Cloud." That was a Cloud who was being manipulated by Sephiroth who was feeding him these extreme feelings in order to string Cloud along.

    And Cloud, once he gets his head on straight, realizes this. He also seems to become far more...zen towards the whole thing. He understand Sephiroth has to be killed but it's more for the sake of the world than for the sake of vengeance. Sephiroth took his hometown away from him and has done all sorts of other horrible things to him but Cloud isn't out for blood.

    I always liked Cloud's final words to Sephiroth:
    "And Sephiroth! To the settling of everything!!"

    Yeah it sounds awkward but it's memorable to me.He is not crying "FOR NIBELHEIM, YOU WILL DIE!!!!!!!" It's more like Cloud is toasting Sephiroth. "Here is the end of our battle!"

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    That is an interesting perspective and does show subtle character growth in terms of Cloud's overall arc. I am sure he is still bummed about what happened to his hometown, mother, etc. However, Cloud did realize what was truly more important, and he also had the clever idea to ask the whole party to try to find a reason of their own on why they want to defeat Sephiroth besides saving the world. Man, that whole section of the game was so cool and really added real humanity to all the characters.

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