Disclaimer: I posted this a few days ago in another forum...some people were none too happy. This time I'll properly type out: No offense to anyone who thinks FFVII should remain turn-based in any and all of its incarnations, I love the game too.

This isn't any kind of statement towards turn based or action, this is just something I made for fun. That said, I've read some posts in one or two forums, where some people compare FFXV's or VII-R's battle system to DMC and that inspired me to take a playthrough upon which I noticed a specific fight that...kinda sorta fits with our beloved series... -and then a trophy with a familiar name popped up-

I'm a FF fan first and foremost, and I'll see you both in FFXV and VII-2. And if you play on Exodus, Bartholomew Drizzle sends his best regards.