I have always wanted to get myself consoles such as the Famicom (both the original one and the Disk System version) and probably also Super Famicom in the future, but what do you actually need in order to play those things in a PAL region?
I do know for a fact that at least the Super Famicom can be played here with no problems, since I have personally tried out that console while visiting a friend (I believe he was simply using a converter), but what about the Famicom consoles?
Is it possible to make those things work without too much problems?
I have heard many people complain about co-axial cables and poor screen quality, so that's why I'm wondering.

I would prefer to have the actual original consoles, but if there is some easy way out that at least allows you to play the original games with controllers that more or less resemble the Famicom/Super Famicom controllers then that's nice as well.

I remember seeing some console that looked a lot like the Top Loader, and apparently that thing was supposed to be great for Famicom titles in various other regions...?