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Thread: (SPOILERS) How do you all like to build each character after obtaining espers?

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    Default (SPOILERS) How do you all like to build each character after obtaining espers?

    My mind is a bit fuzzy. So please do not take this as pure exact knowledge.

    How do you build each character stat wise, after you get espers. How do you level stat points into each character?

    What type of job like build do you make each character into?

    W hat I think I did last time

    Terra build with magic stats and build into a caster
    Celes Build with str make into a fighter
    Sabin build with str hp, (except i forgot if you could build stats around his most powerfull blitz moves.
    edger build with hp and just make him use white magic and tools as backup
    shadow build with magic stats and stock up on many many scrolls
    relm magic stats made like a caster
    setzer build magic and mp for an excellent backup healer
    gogo ???? ??? ????
    mog str dex make as a fighter
    locke str dex leaning more towards dex make into dual wield fighter with genji glove

    feel free to give me advice, or comment on how you build your crew.

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    To start, I never bother with Stamina since it's largely useless in this game and I never bother with MP or HP as well since you get more than you need. Also, I'm going to ignore the fact Magic is the stat that will take you the furthest since the damage algorithm for it is a bit messed up and makes it overwhelmingly powerful. With all that said:

    Terra - Mainly Magic with Speed a speed boost every once in awhile. Since she can use several weapons that hit the damage limit naturally, Strength is ultimately useless for her.

    Locke - Strength and Speed, granted he can use several of the same weapons as Terra but I prefer sticking him to the Valient Knife use the Str. Boost to make its damage good when not taking advantage of its special properties.

    Edgar - Mix of Strength and Magic since his tools get bonuses from having one or the other improved. I usually do a Dragoon Build for bosses and use Tools for mobs. Speed is also important if you want to just Autocrossbow quickly through enemy mobs.

    Sabin - Same as his brother, a mix of Strength and Magic since each improves different blitzes. Though between the two, Magic is more important since Blitzes like Air Blade, Phoenix Dance, and Bum Rush are all Magic based. I give him speed bonuses as well.

    Celes - Mix of Magic, Strength, and speed much like Terra. Since the two are so similar, I tend to reverse their strengths so Celes usually gets more strength boosts than Terra if I make Terra more magic orientated and I decide to deny Celes Ultima Weapon and Illumina.

    Cyan - Poor Cyan, he probably gets the least out of the Esper system than the rest of the cast thanks largely to his Bushido skills only taking his level into consideration for the damage algorithm and none of his stats. I usually focus on Strength and speed for him.

    Gau - Mainly Magic and Strength but Speed sprinkled in there as well. It depends on which Rages you plan on using for him but either way, its best to keep both stats up.

    Setzer - Magic and Speed, Strength can help but considering his best weapons are Doom Darts and Fixed Dice which are great for other properties, it's best to improve his Slots with Magic upgrades unless you plan on giving him Coin Toss instead.

    Mog - Magic works best for his Dance and I usually set him up as a Dragoon for battle. Speed isn't too bad for him either.

    Relm and Strago - Magic and Speed, there is really no good reason to bother with Strength on either of them.

    Shadow - Strength and Speed serve him the best, unless you hope to make his elemental scrolls useful, but his basic Throw command is pretty broken with even the cheapest of items and his Strength Stat actually makes it better.

    Umaro and Gogo - Can't use espers unfortunately, though I feel only Gogo would seriously benefit from it.

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