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    Default FFIV PSP Version

    I'm playing the PSP version (complete collection one) of FFIV.

    I am quite far through, so I am obviously gonna see it through to the end.

    But after I'm done, I was considering playing the original SNES version. Would it be worth it? As in, would it be much different from this psp version? Or do you think I should just move on after the psp version?

    Is the gameplay different? Or is it just mostly graphics alone that are different?

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    If you mean the American SNES version, they're gonna be pretty similar, but some characters will lack certain skills.

    I highly recommend you go for the 3DS/iOS/Android/Steam version instead. It's much more challenging and significantly different. Also, the definitive version of FFIV, IMO.

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    The American SNES version is basically the " Easy Type " version of Final Fantasy IV, the game is very dumbed down so it would be easier for a Western audience back in '91. Also the translation isn't the greatest.

    Would only recommend playing if you are a massive fan of FFIV, or you want to experience the history of FF and how it's evolved over time.

    If you are good at emulating you might be able to find a version of the SNES version that wasn't dumbed down for kids, (as people thought that video games = kids toy back in the day ) and has a smoother translation.

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