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Thread: Proudest Gaming Moments

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    Beat the game under two hours, in Magic Mode (take twice the damage), and with minimal health.

    And the other day, I joined a match in Overwatch that was losing badly. It was in Gibraltor and the car was almost at the end and there was over two minutes on the clock. I come in and hold the ground and win. And yesterday I got all eleven comms with Pharah and I got four play of the games with her too. And in that match were I got all eleven comms, the other team had enough of my crap and went out of there way to kill me. That made me kind of proud that it took all six of them to coordinate to take me down.

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    1. Completing Final Fantasy XIII in a single sitting. It took me about 35 hours of near consecutive playtime. I did it with a friend; it was a ton of fun.
    2. Completing all VR missions in MGS2. Some of them are incredibly difficult.

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