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    Default Romancing the SaGa (3)

    I'm feeling rather binge-y lately and am about to start another Romancing SaGa 3 playthrough, so I thought I'd share this one with everyone, and make it interactive as well! Since RS3 is very open ended, I'll have all of you vote on what characters we recruit and, when possible, where we go and what we do as we go along. It won't be entirely interactive, as I'll still pick up certain quests and gear on my own, but as much as possible it'll be up to the forum to decide our party's fate. Do me proud, everyone! ^_^ /

    Also, once we start I'll be updating this first post (or making a second one specifically for it) with an index of important things we encounter, so you if happen to want to play the game yourself later and are looking for useful information, you can check here to find it as well.

    So, first things first, we need to pick a main character! Here are our options, a (very )little bit about each, and what makes them special:

    Sara Carson:

    A young woman from the town of Shinon, Sara is the plot (insofar as it exists) main character and gets a special commander mode for the final boss battle.

    Ellen Carson:

    Sara's more rugged older sister, Ellen is also a settler from Shinon and is immune to charm attacks from male enemies.

    Monica Ausbach:

    The princess of Loanne, she is unable to enter the tournament in Zweig, and, if I remember correctly, has a special event exclusive to her and Julian.

    Katrina Lauren:

    Monica's personal bodyguard, she is unrecruitable in any other scenario.

    Julian Naul:

    A young man from Shinon lookin' for love (I like to think, anyway), he has a unique event with Monica.

    Thomas Bent:

    Another of the Shinon group, he is from a merchant family and has an economic sidequest/minigame linked to him.

    Harid el Noon:

    A talented mercenary from the east, Harid has a special area (with some nasty enemies! ) only he can access; he is also restricted to equipping scimitars in his first weapon slot.

    Mikhail Ausbach:


    Monica's older brother and the ruler of Loanne, Mikhail participates in a ruling/governing minigame, can access the Loanne armory, and is the only character that can complete all items in the workshop.

    After we pick our character, we then need to pick ourselves a profession and weapon to specialize in. You just tell me the weapon and magic schools you want, and I'll pick the best options for it. The choices are:

    Single handed swords
    Two handed swords




    Fire/Water/Air/Earth Magic
    Sun/Moon Magic

    The only restriction to be aware of is with magic -- you can only pick one from each group, so no fire and water magic picks. There are no bad picks to be had here, and you can have magic and weapons, so just go with what you want to see and we can get this adventure started! \ ^_^ /

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    < - I broke the Index and will remove this text once it is rebuilt later - >
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    Default LP 01 - Le introduction :D

    Time to kick this LP off! >: D I'm not sure how I'll do the screenshots, so I'll be deciding on various sizes and amounts as we go along -- that means things'll be a bit inconsistent at the start, but I'll iron it all out as we progress. Any comments regarding this will be appreciated as we go along. And, without further ado, the introoooduction! ^_^ /


    D: You know things aren't going well on your planet when you have a celestial body you simply call the 'Star of Death' AND it does its job.


    D: Devil king? Devil Lords? Suddenly vanished? Sounds like . . . Last Bossu! >:o


    A holy king that saved the world with friendship? And he sealed the Abyss Gates? Well, good on him. Also sounds like he could potentially be . . . last bossu! >:o


    Why's it gotta be a king baby?
    Also, destined ten year old? Clearly . . . LAST BOSSU! >:o

    For what it is worth, the intro here doesn't make a lot of sense, as it says the eclipse was around 10 years ago when it is actually closer to 20~ years. You'd think people on a planet like this would keep better track of their doom clocks.

    Anyway, that's it for our intro, as the rest of the sequence just shows off various locations and skills, all of which we will see anyway, so we're jumping into character creation.


    Since I didn't get any feedback, I used a random number generator to pick our character, and we rolled us a Harid playthrough. Look at that age, though! 33, he's ancient by JRPG standards. I hope he doesn't fall over dead on us!


    I went ahead and picked our job and weapon proficiency based around a balance of STR, DEX, and SPD, so we are a merchant that loves swords.

    Our adventure opens in a bar in the pioneer village of Shinon . . .


    Well, we know Harid likes himself some good booze. Borrowing from another RS3 lp I saw, I'll be including some in-game conversation text between screenshots when I feel it is important.

    You aren't from around here, are you?
    I've never seen you settling around before.
    I'm not a pioneer.
    I'm just heading this direction by chance.

    A wanderer? That's nice.


    Ooooh, so Harid's from the Naj desert. That explains a few things about him, most obviously his scimitar specialty. Seems he hasn't been home in a while though. Are we gonna get a flashback to explain it, maybe?


    Whoa! That's not the desert I was expecting! I wonder why he's remembering this little river. MOAR MEMORY SPYING!


    Harid knows a princess! Did he leave because she was kidnapped?


    Nope! She snuck right up on him. It's hard to tell from the screenshot, but that's him in the air from her jumping him.


    It's okay, Harid, she evaded all the dangerous river flowers and grasses.

    Besides, stop calling me princess.
    But, you are a princess.
    I knew you would reply like that, El Nool.
    Anyway, you leave here tomorrow?

    Yes, I'll go to Librof through Mt. Akuba.
    War again?
    Men always praise that you are good at battles. . . strong and handsome
    . (Well, I never said that. )


    Oooooooh, she's coming onto you, Harid. HUGINZ TIME!


    Didn't* Don't let love ruin your grammar, princess.


    Oh. Mah. Gawrsh. Not while peoples are watching, Fatima!

    It's a sweet scene overall . . . until you remember it is a flashback.

    Oh well, back to reality, a stormy night, and a cold beer for us.


    So, four main characters walk into a bar.
    Two head into the kitchen.


    One of the others steps up to bat, annnnnnd . . .



    Fortunately, someone arrives just in time to take everyone's attention away from poor, brutalized Julian.


    This is, as Hard explains, Princess Monica, sister of Mikhail, the current ruler of Loanne. She says she has urgent information she needs to deliver to her brother and is begging for a horse. Julian is all kinds of ready to help her, but the innkeep isn't having it, pointing out it is too dangerous for him to go alone with her. Fortunately for us . . .


    Ellen volunteers as well.
    -sigh- Recklessly running off into the dark, rainy woods alone to help someone they don't know. Kids.


    Wait, did she . . . SHE JUST TAUNTED US! Well, little missy, we might just have to go out and show you what our sword can do.


    Provided there is compensation involved, anyway. What, you didn't think a man as strong, handsome, and good at battles as we are would do this for free, did you? Even after that taunt, ah wants the good stuffs.

    Julian explains that both the current and former Marquis have been helping defend the settlers from monsters, so he doesn't need repayment.


    The innkeeper is actually helpful and offers to pay us with his horse.


    We also offer to bring along everyone that wants to go with us, and Tom and Sara decide to join us, the latter greatly annoying Ellen, who is worried about her sister. But, we don't give a damn about kiddie politics, and lay down the law!

    Turns out there is a limit to how many screenshots I can attach in a single post, so I'll continue our introduction a bit later in the next post.
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    There we go. As I said, laying down the law! But what's this Kamsheen we mention? Well, I don't know, buuuuut . . .


    It seems our good friend the barkeep does! And it means we are famous, but, then again, being so strong, handsome, and good at battles, of course we are.

    Following this we get a round of introductions from everyone and decide to head off before dawn, following a quick nap. Monica is quick to protest, but, as good guy us is quick to point out, she'd probably pass out within an hour on the road in her condition, so she needs the rest and to eat. Besides, everyone else probably wants to leave some word of where they are going instead of just leaving it all on Mr. Barkeep, right?

    No? No, of course not. ._.

    Anyway, the next day comes annnnnd . . .


    We begin our first mission!

    I love the phrasing here, by the by. I'm sure at least one of our party members will be all over that. Immediately at the start of this mission I recommend opening the menu (this game uses 'select' for that) and taking a quick peak at your equipment and formation screens.

    Starting with the formations screen:


    You can see we have four options from the start. The game normally sets your party to Free Fight after ANY form of party lineup change, but in this single instance it starts you in Desert Lance, which I highly recommend for this section. It increases the defense of the pointman AND their chances of being targeted, allowing them to soak damage for the rest of the party, which is exactly what we want right now.

    You'll also notice that Monica is waaaay in the back right now, which means she is sitting the current battles out. While you can run six people in your party, you can only use five in battle, so the sixth person just watches; you can place your main character where Monica is to activate Commander Mode, if you so choose, but, unless specifically requested, I won't be using it at all.

    !Index Update - Formations!

    Name Effect Learned From
    Free Fight Increases everyone's speed Default Formation
    Whirlwind Increases everyone's speed; enemies target the front three characters Ellen, Thomas, Julian
    Hunter's Shift Back character's damage up and speed down; enemies target the front row Sara
    Desert Lance Front character's defense up; enemies target the front character Harid

    After checking out our formations, I decide to pop over to the equipment screen and shuffle some things around -- particularly, I remove all of Monica's gear, which I'll be saving for later, and Thomas' Fur Vest, which I give to Harid. This'll help him tank hits a bit better.

    This area is extremely basic, so I have little of value to show off in screencaps here. I generally avoid most encounters in this game out of (terrible) Romancing SaGa 1 habits, but you might as well fight all the encounters you see. The snake enemies, in particular, are worth fighting, as they can drop Snake Scent items, which restore a small amount of hp and mp to a character and are quite helpful for early game mage builds, especially if you are avoiding all physical combat to rush an early magic crown.

    !Index Update: Crowns!

    A character can earn either a TP or MP crown by heavily focusing on either physical or magical based combat, reducing all TP/MP costs (respectively) by one point. These are especially important to mage type characters, as it is the only way for them to attack for free.

    Earning a crown requires 45 of either point base, then an additional 10 points PER opposing TP/MP point. So, if a character wants a TP crown and has 5 MP, as they all get for buying their first magic spell, the character will require 45+50 TP to earn their crown. Additionally, crowns can and will be lost as opposite points are gained in excess of between 3~5 in a row. To my knowledge, purchasing magic for the first time will ALWAYS break a TP crown.

    We just rush through this area up until . . .


    First bossu! >: o


    This fight is quite easy, especially in this formation, so you can just attack away; generally speaking, Demi Rune spam from Harid is more than enough to solo kill this boss, and in this formation with the fur vest, it is unlikely to do deal any noticeable damage to him. That said, there are two things in this battle I quickly want to mention: those white waves tell us there is a wind elemental field in play (which won't impact us at all right now), and that some of your characters, like Harid here, start with a few techs learned. These consume WP to perform and (generally) deal increased damage, sometimes with special effects, and are where all of your damage is going to be coming from in this game. You (generally) learn new techs from using normal attacks against strong enemies . . .


    As Julian decides to demonstrate for us here, where he learns ('sparks') Sweep Down. Characters can also master skills at the end of combat, which permanently teaches the skill to ALL members, present and future, of your party. Do note that characters can only learn skills if they have open space in their skill list however, so you have to prune that from time to time, and only mastered skills can be unequipped without being lost.

    !Index Update: Sparking!

    'Sparking' is how new techs are learned in Romancing SaGa 3 and is generally achieved in one of three ways -- normally attacking with a weapon from a class you want to learn a tech for, attacking with a SPECIFIC tech that leads to an advanced tech, or attacking with a SPECIFIC weapon that has a learnable 'built-in' tech. The chance to learn a new tech is random, but is based on the difficulty of the tech (basically correlating to its power) vs. the strength of the enemy you are attacking. Using normal attacks on end game enemies, for instance, is vastly more likely to spark a powerful tech than beating on forest snakes from the start of the game.

    !Index Update: Tech Mastery!

    After sparking a given tech it will be added to your character's tech list and listed in red in the menu screen. Whenever this tech is triggered in battle, it has a random chance of being mastered after the battle, which the game will inform you of. When this happens, the tech's text will change to black in the menu screen and all of your other characters will permanently have access to the tech. This can be particularly useful in the case of dodge techs, as only one person needs to master the tech for your whole party to benefit from it.

    !Index Update: Tech List!

    !Sword Techs!
    Name Cost Power Effects
    Parry 0 0 Blocks enemy attack
    Double Mist 2 40 1st hit misses; second deals damage
    Sweep Down 0 12 Stun
    Demi Rune 1 200 Scimitar-class built-in tech

    !Axe Techs!
    Name Cost Power Effect
    Tomahawk 1 60 Indirect attack

    After we spank that super easy eagle-chicken, Harid wonders why such a strong enemy is flying about and considers the rumors that the Abyss Gates () are opening again. Following that, we head north and meet up with Mikhail, who is quite surprised to see us, and Monica drops a bombshell:


    Wow, I guess it WAS important that she got here as fast as possible.


    . . . Or not.

    Mr. Unflappable asks who our group is and thanks us for helping his sister reach him. He apologizes for his inability to properly reward us, as he is on a military campaign at the moment, but he does promise to give us a reward when this mess is all over with.

    He then states his plan to march on Loanne and eliminate Baron Godwin and the Minister, but that it is too dangerous to take our group into war with him -- especially Monica. So he offers us a new quest:


    Yep. He wants us to take his sister . . . to a vampire. Are we. . . sure this guy is on the level? He says that Leonid is more reliable than most humans are, and, I mean, I guess if you are a vampire, a KNOWN vampire, that people seem to be okay with ruling an adjacent kingdom, that is probably true. Like . . . maybe? And I'm sure he wouldn't send her to Podol if there was any real chance of harm coming to her, so he just needs us to help her get there, not to protect her once she arrives.



    Oh, why yes, yes we are The Tornado. It seems Mikhail, too, has heard of our strength, handsomeness, and goodness at battles.

    At least now he knows Monica is in good hands. Which should . . . let me do some figuring here . . .

    Translate into better reward monies! Wahahaha!


    . . .

    Well, everyone, looks like we're saying goodbye to Monica and headed to Loanne. See you in the next episode. ^_^ /
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    I wonder if we should tell Mikhail we stole all of his sister's gear. Naaaaaah, I'm sure it'll be fine.

    !Player's Note!
    Monica and the Shinon groups' path diverge from our own at this point. If you are playing as one of those characters, when you reach the vampire be aware that he is NOT lying to you about his castle -- you do not want to go poking around it in the early game. Instead, speak to him again and he will reveal the location of a treasure cave. Complete that and return to him to clear the introduction chapter.

    Additionally, if you chose Katrina as your main character, explore the castle after the minister speaks to you; there are thee actions you can take to make your section easier.
    After Monica's departure, we learn why Mikhail was so unperturbed by our news -- it seems he was already aware of Godwin's intentions!


    He explains that his current expedition was a ruse to bait out Godwin, and he left most of his army with the Baron to entice him into action; his small force can't spare anyone to protect Monica, which is why he sent her alone with the Shinon settlers, and also why he was so interested in recruiting us for the upcoming battles.

    Speaking of the upcoming battles . . .


    You can tell we're in trouble when we can't even afford a proper table to meet at.

    We are informed the enemy forces have split in two, with the main army led by Godwin and a second force led by General Radom, to Mikhail's dismay. It seems Radom is a talented and well respected leader, but his marriage to the Baron's daughter has aligned him against us. Seems fate is playing against us at the moment. This is compounded when we receive more bad news . . .


    What?! An army of monsters, too? What kind of ruler aligns themselves with monsters? They'll tear Shinon, not to mention our army, apart if we don't stop them! I suppose we can ignore them and rush Godwin's forces, then turn to fight the monsters, but what about the settlers? The Baron has played his hand well.


    Seems we are playing into his hands and fighting the monsters first instead.

    Someone points out that this will hurt our chances against Godwin, but


    Mikhail announces the protection of Loanne and her people are his duty, even if it puts us at a tactical disadvantage. I had the Marquis pinned as ruthless, but I didn't expect his integrity. I can appreciate that .


    It seems Harid appreciates it as well, and we offer to take the lead in the battle against the Goblins. At first Mikhail takes this as us questioning his ability to lead the army, but we explain that's not quite it . . .


    Yep, she'll be pitiful without you. Now, I like to read this as, "Monica will be sad", but Harid is blunter than a hammer to the head, so he's quite likely saying, "Monica will be a in a terrible place without you". Either way, we aren't going to let that happen, and we announce that we are ready to lead the troops into WAAAGH!


    Following this we have control of Harid again in this special area. You will only see this place prior to engaging in a war battle and you can save here, which I highly recommend you do, as failing any of the next battles results in a game over. When you talk to the soldiers you will have the option to change the orders you can use in battle under 'preparations' or start the battle, the latter of which we will be doing as we don't have any new orders to set.


    Here we have our first war battle, and these operate completely differently than normal battles. Harid starts with two formation options, including the special Middle Charge one, but I highly advise using the straight formation for this fight. The two bars at the bottom represent morale and impact the damage your units deal and take, so the ideal strategy in this fight is to lower their morale while keeping yours up. I generally like to move forward until our armies clash, then go into defense for a while, then use leader charge when my morale is around half and hope Harid doesn't die (he's usually pretty hardy ). If the enemy uses 'All Charge', make sure to counter with your own 'All Charge'. Unfortunately, the enemy in this battle does have 4000 troops to our 2000.


    Or, at least they do at the start. If you hold out long enough, a mysterious, and rather large, cavalry force rides to your aid and attacks the Goblins from behind. If you reach this point, you'll probably win the battle.




    First try.

    And not only did we defeat the Goblins in this battle, we got a valuable, new ally: General Radom! And two new war tactics: The Gushing Wind and Strong Attack formations! My two favorite in the game!

    !Index Update: War Battles!

    While I'd like to have a complete index with guides on everything a person might need while playing the game, I'm going to bow out on this one due to it really only being important to Mikhail. Instead I will link to the fantastic RPGShrine page on the matter to guide you through Mikhail's battles.

    The only thing I want to cover, in particular, that I do not believe is listed on those pages is how to acquire new tactics. You get them in 3 ways: by being on the offense or defense for the majority of a battle, by KILLING all enemies or losing NO troops, and by purchasing them. You can only get one set of new tactics from each of the first two methods per battle.

    There is also a fourth way to learn ONE tactic, which requires winning a battle after being pinned against your side of the field for most of the fight, but it is not worth trying for.

    After this we return to Mikhail's war tent for a brief meeting.


    Worth a thousand deaths, eh? Well, seeing that you brought 2000 men AND killed off at least 500 goblins, I think the math works out, right? It also means we can meet Godwin on equal footing now!

    After this scene we are sent back to the pre-war field, and this time I head into our preparations menu and equip our new tactics.


    So beautiful.

    And with that we are at the end of this post. I hope to see you next time as we march on Godwin's army and retake Loanne Castle! ^_^ /
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    Alrighty, Godwin, it's time to take your traitor army out!


    Godwin is running the wave shield formation for this battle, which allows him to restore morale by swapping ranks in his formation, and we will be countering with our shiny new Strong Attack formation. It makes our units slow, so they are vulnerable to being pushed off the screen by faster offensives, but their attack goes way up and we don't need to worry about his defensive formation pushing us.

    Unfortunately, he has a nasty surprise up his sleeve for us. . .


    After relentlessly crushing his units, he advances to the rear and exits the battle! Such bravery!

    Following the battle, we advance to Loanne!


    As Mikhail says, all we need to do now is take out Godwin, and since there isn't anything to do except fight some optional monsters, we run north into the castle. Inside we meet up with . . .


    It's Katrina! Hi, Katrina! ^_^ / Mikhail introduces us to her


    It seems our strength, handsomeness, and goodness at battles continues to precede us. I wonder which she is most smitten by.

    FORTUNATELY, rumors of our nimble thief fingers haven't spread yet, and we quickly pick through their belongings for valuable stuffs. We steal Mikhail's Estoc, Lord armor, Life Cane, and Spirit Stone, replacing his weapon with Monica's Foil and giving him our old Hard Leather, seeing that we are now wearing his Lord armor. We don't need any of Katrina's gear, but we swipe her Spirit Stone. We are going to sell those stones later, but make sure to keep that Life Cane we got from Mikhail -- it is exceedingly valuable and cannot be purchased.

    Following our equipment . . . shuffling , we pop into our formation menu and pick the Closed Delta formation, with Harid at the lead, and save our game.

    Then we run north into the throne room to confront Baron Godwin!


    Or not.

    We have no idea who this is, but it seems Mikhail knew Godwin was acting as someone else's agent. Unfortunately, we don't get any answers, and the Marquis' temper gets the best of him and he demands the demon remove itself from his throne, to which the demon replies it is the Holy King's vassal's throne, and we find ourselves in combat with . . . next booosssssuuuu!


    The 'Evil Demon', love that name , can be a hard battle if you avoid combat like I have been doing and get unlucky with his AoE attack, but he's generally not too bad. Spamming Demi Rune with Harid, Snake Shot with Mikhail, and Awakening -> Moulin Rouge with Katrina should end things fairly quickly, and, if not, you can level up in Loanne for a bit before refighting him. As far as I know, he is a fixed encounter and will not power up if you pick up some weapon ranks and hp.


    Not that one such as us, with our two dead friends and 18 remaining hp, would need to resort to such a thing.

    !Index Update: Tech List!

    Name Cost Power Effect
    Accel Sniper 1 40 +8 speed
    Snake Shot 4 200 Hits enemy column; Bonus damage to snakes
    Awakening 0 40 Masquerade built-in tech; Damages as though a sword; Transforms the Masquerade into a 2-handed sword.

    2-handed Sword Techs
    Name Cost Power Effect
    Moulin Rogue 4 80 Transformed Masquerade built-in tech.

    Restored to his throne, Mikhail holds an award ceremony for the Shinon settlers and ourselves, thanking us for our contributions. Monica then goes around to each person and thanks them personally.


    We kindly remind her we were in this for more than just a horse.


    The others are all more gracious in their responses, and Katrina even praises Monica when she is thanked. Then Mikhail gives us our monies!

    The game resumes a few days later, presumably after much feasting and celebration, with us in the Marquis' throne room.


    This is a general hint on where we to go next in Harid's path, and conveniently an ideal early destination in our globe trotting, so we are, indeed, off to the Holy King's tomb. Don't worry though, we'll be reaching interactive stuff quite soon.

    Following this meeting we are let loose on the streets of Loanne, and a man near the castle doors informs us that the 'Shinon Heroes' are meeting at the local bar. Well, I think we'll just slide our way over there, then.

    !Index Update: Location - Loanne!
    Loanne is Mikhail's small kingdom; outside of the introduction it is of little interest (right now).

    Inside we find all four of the Shinon settlers and can talk to each of them to learn what their plans are, but before that we will talk to the bartender to learn about the nearby harbor town of Mules.

    !Index Update: Location - Mules!
    Mules is a small port town located to the west of Loanne; Free ships run to Pidona and Zweig.

    So, let's snoop and see what everyone's plans are!


    Seems Julian is joining Monica's personal guard. We dispense our valuable advice.


    Thomas is headed to Pidona and invites us to come along, which we consider, but ultimately automatically reject -- it seems the place is too populated for our tastes. Maybe we are in hiding.


    Sara doesn't have much to say about where she is going, but she bids us farewell. We can have her join us here, but storyline-wise she goes somewhere else, and we will meet her there later. Which only leaves . . .


    Ellen? When we talk to her, Sara rushes past us and out of the bar. What happened?


    But, Ellen, you aren't the boss of Sara . . .


    I agree, Harid. It seems that Ellen is feeling down because everyone is moving on without her, though. We tell her that people move on and that she should find her own way in life, annnnnd . . .


    She decides to join us and head to Lance. Yaaaay, new party member! From here we are just about set to head to Mules, but before we do that we are heading to the bottom-leftmost house in the town. There's an old man in here that . . .


    Reveals a new location to us.

    !Index Update: Location - Mt. Taftan!
    Located to the southeast of Loanne, Mt. Taftan's peaks are covered in a thick fog. What could be at the sumit?

    We can visit Taftan now, but, as the hiker says, the peaks are covered in a deep fog and impassable at the moment, and there are no treasures to be had; we mostly unlock it now so we don't have to later. After learning this location we head off to Mules.

    !Player Note - Path's Diverge
    At this point the introduction ends for all characters. However, there are some important bits to know about characters other than Harid.

    To leave Loanne as Mikhail, enter the center room on the second floor of the castle.

    After resolving the second Godwin event as Julian you are returned to Loanne castle. Speaking to Mikhail OR Monica will start the next unique event, but things will play out differently depending on who speak to first. I advise speaking to Monica.

    Katrina loses access to Loanne castle following her introduction; Pidona is your next destination.


    Mules is a small town without much going on in it, much like Loanne, but we head ourselves over to the pub for the first points of interest. There are two people here we want to meet. The first is the blue haired mage walking around, who sells . . . Wind Magic!

    !Index Update: Wind Magic!

    Name MP Power Effect
    Wind Dart 1 60 Gains a new dart every 5 levels; comes free when you buy any other wind magic
    Nap 3 0 Attempts to put all enemies to sleep
    Dancing Leaf 5 0 Gives regeneration and evasion while a wind field is in effect.
    Sewn Bind 4 80 Damages all non-levitating enemies; stun chance
    Suction 5 80 Drains enemy health
    Tornado 8 300 Damages all enemies; bonus damage to flying enemies

    Since there were no votes on our specialty earlier, I go ahead and pick up wind magic here -- it's a great school and Dancing Leaf is one of my favorites. There's also something else about this school I love we'll see later.

    We also meet the Poet here in the bar, and, despite what I've heard from some other people, he absolutely is NOT a bad character. If you speak to him he offers to tell you a new or old story, and if you pick either one he will force himself into your party for quite a long time. We pick him up for now, as he is key to unlocking a secret for us later.

    !Index Update: Characters!

    Name Sprite STR DEX SPD CON INT WIL CHA LP Specialty Location
    Poet 20 18 17 16 13 14 22 10 Any Most bars


    On our way out of Mules we run into this person who mentions a suspicious girl hanging around . . . hrmmm . . . she wouldn't happen to have pink hair, would she? That girl is another recruitable character, but we don't need her for a quest, so I'll leave her recruitment up to all of you.


    We continue to head south to the docks, where we can board this ship for free. Normally there are two destinations here, Zweig and Pidona, but Harid didn't lie when he said he had no interest in travelling to Pidona, soooo . . . we are off to Zweig.


    Bye-bye, Loanne. We won't be back for a while!


    Along the way Ellen calls us over and we see some dolphins.

    And with us on our way, I will call this post here. Next time -- Zweig! Hope to see you all then. ^_^ /
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    Globetrotting time! The game is now open to us, and we're going to quickly explore what we can of the world, which is limited to the northern hemisphere at the moment due to our lack of access to Pidona. We'll see some quests along the way, but we won't be grabbing any until we are done exploring. That said. . .


    Welcome to Zweig!

    !Index Update: Locations - Zweig!
    The center of Duke Zweig's kingdom.

    While not as exciting as Pidona, it's still a good jumping off place from Mules, not to mention far cheaper to open locations from, even if it requires some extra footwork. To begin with, we want to talk to this man immediately after exiting the docks. This opens up Kidlanto on the world map for us, where we will be heading next. You can also see Tatyana is here as well, running around and being a general menace.

    !Index Update: Locations - Kidlanto!
    A small town to the north of Zweig; a free boat runs to Justerm.

    The next person we are looking for is this woman on the left side of the town, who will open another location for us:


    Strange animals, you say? Wonder what that's about. We might have to investigate that before too long.

    !Index Update: Locations - West Forest!
    A small forest located to the west of Zweig with strange animals in it.

    After speaking to her we head into the shop and sell off all of our 'borrowed' magic stones for a smooth 750 monies.

    We also take note of the Knight armor suit in the shop: suits are a unique armor that offer a ton of defense but prevent equipping any armor that isn't a shirt or accessory. We don't want one for Harid, since there's a gauntlet we'll be running for a DEX boost, but they are great for slower characters, with high mp water mages, or when you have a ton of good accessories.

    Heading out of the shop, we run north and speak to these lovely two gentlemen:


    It seems Duke Zweig is holding a tournament, though we aren't told exactly why. We can enter whenever we want, and I don't recall a penalty for failing, but it isn't particularly realistic for us to win for quite some time -- handsome, strong, and good at battles though we may be.

    The reward is quite worth it though, and the sooner we manage to clear it the better.

    !Index Update: Quests - Zweig Tournament!
    A tournament is being held in Zweig. Perhaps we will participate later.


    To the right of the guards you can usually spot this man walking around, and he sheds a bit more light on the western woods. A strange mansion and genius, eh? Much suspicious.


    After speaking to him we head into the inn/bar and talk to this merry fellow, who offers to buy any of the strange animals we catch. It seems word about these creatures is getting around. This is a decent way to make some money, but money isn't much of an issue in this game, and as Harid in particular we absolutely DO NOT want to sell to this man, as it can lock us out of an important later event.

    !Index Update: Quests - West Forest!
    There are some strange animals in the west forest a man in the Zweig bar is offering to purchase from us.

    You may also have spied another mage here, and he is our first Earth magic vendor. Earth magic offers a good mix of damage and utility and is one of the two the premier lategame offensive schools.

    !Index Update: Earth Magic!
    Name MP Power Effect
    Stone Bullet 1 60 Targets all enemies at level 20
    Berserk 3 0 STR & CON + 8 + (Earth level/5)
    Crack 4 40 Damages a row; misses flying foes
    Stone Skin 3 0 Defense + 10 + (Earth level/8); gradually petrifies target
    Earth Heal 4 0 Heals sleep at 15, paralysis at 30
    Gold Touch 6 0 Petrifies target

    There's also a dark haired character sitting at the table here -- he's in a lot of bars and we don't want anything to do with him. He won't join anyone other than Sara until the endgame, but you don't want to waste a party slot on him even with her. I won't get into why now, but it will be obvious later.

    !Index Update: Characters!
    Name Sprite STR DEX SPD CON INT WIL CHA LP Specialty Location
    Shonen 23 24 16 16 17 13 17 10 2 handed swords; Spears; Sun magic Many bars

    And with that, we are done in Zweig and head north to Kidlanto.

    Let's see what we can learn about Kidlanto from the villagers.


    It's a terrible place. Right then, we'll keep that in mind.

    I wonder if these monsters are related to the West Forest?

    Most of the other villagers have the same general thing to say, and one tells us to visit the mayor, which we will get to in a moment. First, we want to pop into the bottom right house, where we find . . .



    Who is this? Shes adorable! JOIN OUR PARTY!


    Nope, she won't. This is Nina, and she is wondering if we've come across her boyfriend Paul in our adventures; it seems he set off to become an adventurer but never returned. I hope it doesn't have anything to do with those monsters we heard about. We sadly have to inform her we have not met him, but we will keep an eye out, just in case.

    After talking to her we head to the northeastern most house and meet with the mayor:


    Whoa, you've been making sacrifices to the monsters? That's terrible! He asks us to help him with the monsters, which we can choose to do in the future after we finish our globetrotting.

    !Index Update: Quests - Kidlanto Monsters!
    The Mayor of Kidlanto is looking for people to assist with their monster problem so they don't have to make any more sacrifices.

    There isn't anything else of interest in Kidlanto at the moment, so we head out the western exit to reach the docks, where we take a free ship to our next destination: Justerm!

    !Index Update: Locations - Justerm!
    A small town to the north of Lance; a free boat runs to Kidlanto.

    Justerm is pretty uneventful, but there are two people in particular we want to talk to here. The first is:


    Oh hey, it's the Kidlanto mayor again. Maybe he took a ship to get outta that terrible place. As you can see, he reveals our next destination for us: Lance! We almost made it.

    !Index Update: Locations - Lance!
    The Holy King's city: snow, tombs, and astronomy!

    After speaking to this man we head to the lower right portion of the town to meet this man:


    This is Wood, and he is a fairly important character to us as Harid. I mentioned earlier that we absolutely did not want to sell animals to that man in Zweig, and that is because the game has an invisible 'greed' counter that increments based on your actions, including those animal transactions. Our main man Harid here starts at the maximum greed value under 'greedy', and asking about/for payment from anyone, or selling those animals, will push us over the cap, and Wood here will stop offering his quest to us. Thing is, we really want to complete his quest -- not for the quest itself, but becuase it opens a unique location, character, and weapon for us later. We turn down his quest for now, since we are still working our way to Lance, but we'll be back for it later.

    !Index Update: Quests - The Frozen Lake!
    Wood needs help clearing the Ice Lake of monsters.

    !Index Update: Characters!
    Name Sprite STR DEX SPD CON INT WIL CHA LP Specialty Location
    Wood 22 16 10 23 12 18 13 15 2 handed swords; Sun magic Justerm

    !Index Update: The greed counter!
    The greed counter is used to lock you out of Wood's quest based upon your actions in the game when it reaches 15.

    Harid starts at 14
    Mikhail starts at 4
    Monica starts at 1
    Everyone else starts at 7

    Haggling when selling pets increases the counter by 1
    Accepting the thief lord's bribe increases it by 2
    Asking Wood about payment increases it by 2
    Asking the Vanguard mayor for money increases it by up to 3

    After talking to Wood we head into the house above him to find:


    Our first Water magic vendor. Water magic is pretty good, but I honestly don't recommend it for full offensive mages unless you are planning to run something else as your primary offensive school. Thunderclap does respectable damage and all, but the mechanics of its final spell make it most ideal on a non-mage. Squall is notable as the only skill that seems to have a 100% chance of flipping an elemental field.

    !Index Update: Water Magic!

    Name MP Power Effect
    Squall 1 20 Hits all enemies
    Life Water 1 0 Heals sleep at level 15; heals paralysis at level 30
    Mystic Water 3 0 Heals most statuses
    Water Pole 6 0 Randomly evades attacks and regenerates hp in water elemental fields.
    Sparkling Mist 2 0 Lowers enemy DEX
    Thunderclap 7 180 Chance to stun at level 20+

    There isn't anything else to do in Justerm for now, except being yelled at by Shonen in the bar, so we head out to the world map and to our next destination: the Holy King's city of Lance!


    We finally made it! If you happen to be playing as someone other than Harid, you can find him in the shrine this man mentions, which isn't a new map location, but a sub map through the west exit. Ellen is also here in the northwestern part of town, if you don't happen to have her. We won't find either of them here for obvious reasons.

    Speaking to the people in town you learn that, on top of the Holy King's temple, an astronomer and his sister live here, as do the decendents of the Holy King. Neat. We don't gain anything from the temple or Holy King's family yet, so we head off to the northeastern-most house to meet with the Astronmer and his sister. But mostly his sister, whom we immediately ask about herself.


    Anna is a particularly important NPC, as she keeps track of our ultimate multitechs and ultimate elemental spells once we unlock them, as well as opening that bonus area I mentioned when talking about Wood. We like Anna.

    When we ask about the Death Eclipse and Abyss Gates, her brother runs down and explains the situation to us, which basically amounts to: the Abyss Gates warp the positions of the stars when they are active and from the night sky it is clear that they are currently partially open, and the abyss lords are trying to open them further so they can come back through.

    Well, that explains the stronger monsters we've been seeing. He also tells us where the gates are located:


    Annnnd THAT explains the odd mists around Taftan, though we are still unable to reach the peak right now. It also looks like we'll be seeing Pidona regardless of Harid's wishes. Hrmmm, the west ocean and southern jungle, though. We haven't seen or heard anything about those places yet. Well, I'm sure we'll find them as we continue to travel around the world.

    Speaking of travelling, this conversation should unlock a special travelling sideshow event, which we will be on the lookout for from now on.

    The last thing we want to do in Lance is talk to this gentlemen in the middle building:


    As far as globetrotting is concerned, this man is our next target. He is offering a quest to protect his goods from thieves on the way to Yamas, which will reveal that location to us AND get us some monies, and afterwards he's got another similar quest that reveals Farce to us. We'll accept these soon, methinks.

    !Index Update: Quests - Run goods to Yamas!
    There's a merchant in the Lance item shop that wants us to run items to Yamas for him. It'll net us 1000G, too!

    Annnnd with that we are done for now and ready to pick up some quests! Right now we have a few options:

    We can run goods to Yamas and Farce
    We can help Kidlanto with its monster problem
    We can check out the West Forest and mysterious mansion
    And we can help Wood clear the Ice Lake of monsters

    I'll leave it up to all of you to decide what we do next. Until then.
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