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    Idea: 10/10 (Good)
    Design: 10/10 (Good)
    Choice of Checkpoints & Shortcuts: 5/10 (Not balanced, by the end some are pretty good, hell in the middle)
    Difficulty: 9/10 (Too hard)
    Frustration Level: 10/10 (Too frustrating)
    Fun Level: 5/10 (Not in balace with frustration, feeling of accomplishment overshadowed by it - except the very last feeling when you are finally done.

    I just finished the Secret Dungeon of Final Fantasy XV. It took me hours. This dungeon probably has the greatest design and idea for me when it comes to any Final Fantasy super dungeon ever - sorry, Via Infinito. It is almost a bit MC Escher-esque. And the fact that it is hidden in like a lonely corner of the map, as some small piece of ruin is also cool. However, the frustration was high in this one. And I do not mean "Lulz man, this dungeon is supposed to be a bit frustrating but its funny!" level but frustrating as in really, really anger-awakening frustrating. Of course this dungeon is supposed to play with your ability to be patient and try to make the best out of the controls but this is so ridiculous. The checkpoints are irrationally placed, so you in many hard cases (probably in the middle of the dungeon very often) you have to go through bits once more were you just were a bit lucky to even make a correct jump on platform x. The dungeon consists of multiple leaps of faith, especially when you reach like 75% of it as then the camera suddenly is supposed to play with you that you do not know where up and where down is. Try to jump to the next save looking platform because it is on the same level and direction you are? Sure, go ahead! Too bad though! It would even have been the right one but you jumped wrong and that pseudo gravity pulled you to the wrong direction so you miss it and fall! The worst of it all is, you cannot even save. I want to get through a dungeon but I do not want to be forced to really do it all at once. Especially not when it is full of such moments where you can make the same mistake easily next time. Of course you learn a lot inbetween but there are also so many situations where you just jump and fall off because calculating the jump distance is not the easiest. You can get a feeling for it but even then you sometimes either mess up or it is the rest of your movements where just one extra step or trying to turn around can ruin it all.

    This dungeon was hell. Give me frustrating challenges that are frustrating to a bearable extent. And in balance with my entertainment.

    THIS is gold trophy material. But no, no. I better am rank 30 worldwide with Platinum than getting a trophy for this nightmare. How can the ultimate dungeon not give a trophy - I don't know. But well, not even the other "locked door" parts give you a trophy. Still, I feel this one at least deserved one. And not just a Bronze trophy but an actual gold one.
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